TheLinkUp: Special Edition

Okay, I quit doing TheLinkUp, because I had those sites in my blog roll so if people truly want to know, they can visit the site themselves.

...But this one was of particular note, after seeing it on Donald Glover's website, IAmDonald. It's called and it's one of the best ideas I've seen on the internet.

It's a picture blog, full of nothing but beautiful women, in various states of undress, inside their houses. That's it. There's nothing particularly "adult" about it--it's just celebrating the intrinsic beauty of women. Not even "model" women. The girls on the site look less like models and more like, that one cute girl you saw at the party you went to Saturday night. The beautiful girl in the grocery aisle who you couldn't help but take a second glance at because she was just so dazzling (but you didn't ask for her number because you were both in the medicine aisle and you were picking up Pepto). That one girl that sat next to you in Biology class in college.

It's not about "Hey look what we can do when we get perfect lighting, $500 lingerie or $1000 dresses, and the best make-up artists in the world so we can make girls without all this feel like crap". It's about: "Dude. She's ALREADY beautiful. You just weren't paying attention."

I fail to see anything wrong in pointing out natural beauty. For those who need to be enticed to go to the website...

*looks at the posted photos* Gorgeous.

Anyway. This post is mainly dedicated to the fact that I love women. I saw a post on a forum the other day entitled "I hate girls", and it was about how some dude was mad at women because his girlfriend screwed him.

...Eff that. I've had my heart broken by almost every girl I've ever dated, but you know what? I still love women. Aside from being pretty and smelling nice (lol), there's just something about the emotional connection I get with a girl that I really click with that's irreplaceable, regardless of whether I want to sleep with them or not. (Admittedly, I usually do. Not the point.) I value every female friend I have, for exactly that reason.

(...And also 'cause they help me understand women when I'm trying to ask one out. :D)


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