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Battle Rap Friday: Bonnie Godiva vs. Looney Divine

School just started, so this is late.  Anyway, it sounds weird to say but one of my favorite things in battle rap is a nice, clear 3-0 win.  Bonnie Godiva managed to give me that gift, along with one of the best battles I've seen in months. By the third round its already clear who won, it's just a question of whether or not its a bodybag.  Personally, since everyone of Bonnie's rounds had a haymaker...#ZipEmUp

(Also.  Female battle rappers?  Bonnie is like, ridiculously hot.  And each time you spit bars calling her ugly, I ignore them shits.  So Looney lost like half of Round 1 and a fifth or so of Round 2 automatically, for instance.  You can't insult her on something we all know is a lie.)

Battle Rap Wednesdays: AyeVerb vs. Arsonal

I can't lie ya'll...I was bored as fuck watching this battle.  Between St. Louis' usual audio issues and Arsonal's long rounds stuffed with so much filler he might as well have freestyled it, this shit had me halfway paying attention.

Even AyeVerb didn't give a fuck.  He had bars but it wasn't the same Verb that brought down Hitman, SB, Miles, hell even the one that beat Cortez.   I do like that Elvis line, though.   Giving it to Verb 2-1, for mostly the same reasons Jayblac did.  Next guy to book Arsonal needs to force him into 3 minute rounds.  Unlimited is the bullshit.

The Amazon: A new competitor enters the console arena!

For what its worth, I still think this rumor is bullshit, and will continue to until I see Amazon confirm it.  But, since VG247 and Destructoid ran it, here we go:

Rumor has it there's a new console in development by Amazon.  It's supposed to come out just before Black Friday (the Friday after Thanksgiving, for those who don't know), and it's supposedly a serious gaming console, with the ability to pump out next-gen-level graphics.  It's also rumored to be "core-oriented", which...well, let's just get into it.

There has never been a legit "fourth pillar" in console gaming.  Usually the competition is between two (Sega and Nintendo), and lately we've gotten used to three (Sony/Nintendo/Microsoft), but four is pretty much unheard of.  And with good reason: it's incredibly difficult to break into console gaming, and it will only grow moreso as time goes on.  As tablets and smartphones become more powerful and more widespread, console de…

Battle Rap Wednesday: JC vs. J-Pro

Let's talk about this, because it's actually kinda interesting.  JC's been taking a LOT of battles lately, and all the ones I've seen, he's killed in.  This one's the first one I've seen him get a decent match from (aside from Caustic), but...I still think he won.   J-Pro was really funny in the first round, kinda funny in the third, and was spitting bars in the third.  Now I'm not apart of that Bars over Everything movement, but I will say the lack of focus kind of hurt the dude.  J-Pro would have a nice punch or a decent joke and then fuck it up for himself with a lot of filler or a weak bar, which means he would say something cold and then kill his momentum.

On the other hand?  JC was comfortable, with the huge stack of bodies he has from previous battles giving him a confidence I've never seen from the guy before.  His bars were nothing super crazy, but he's consistent as fuck and that's why he keeps stacking up the wins.  Still, I woul…

Do You Believe in Magic...

To me, this is the first DLC character Injustice has ever released.  Fan-requested as he is, I still think Lobo's lame.  Batgirl's another Bat-characterNobody asked for Zod, and the people who wanted Scorpion should go back to playing MK9.   They at least all play very well and aren't really similar to the other characters.  And as for Martian Manhunter?  He should have been included in the game in the first place.  Even Ed Boon knew it; when he ran that poll asking "who would you like to see as a DLC character", Boon didn't add Martian Manhunter because he knew J'onn would win.

So Zatanna is really the first DLC character I actually care about, and she looks lovely.  Great fighter, though she's got some obvious moves stolen from Shang Tsung and Quan Chi (I've seen MK9 played enough to spot them), I think she'll be a great addition to the current cast.

I personally think they shouldn't stop developing DLC characters until the sales dip…

5 old (and 3 new) franchises that need to make an appearance for the next-gen

As the new generation of gaming consoles gets closer, we begin to close out on the PS3/360/Wii era, and say goodbye to some of the characters and universes we've come to love this generation.  Possibly just until a new incarnation surfaces on the next gen, potentially forever.  Many people's favorite series come to an untimely end, but it's not always the way. Every new generation brings the possibility of a revival of an older franchise, and these are just the ones I personally thought deserve a chance back in the spotlight the most.  With Strider and Killer Instinct already making a comeback, it’s only a matter of time before we see some other fondly remembered genres surface again.  So I compiled a list of five older IPs I'd love to see make a come-back on the Playstation 4/XBox One/Wii U, and three IPs that may have debuted on the Playstation 3/360/Wii, but deserve to continue. 

Let's dive right into it.

1.) Suikoden

Suikoden was always one of my favorite RPGs, …

On Hotdamnirock and YouTube Comedians

So, at the end of last month, YouTube star Kain Carter basically flat out told us he took some of deceased comedian Patrice O Neal's jokes.  And now there's this big huge fallout where people on dumping on him for it.

Now, if you didn't know, joke theft is a pretty big deal in comedy circles.  There's a reason people hate Dane Cook & Carlos Mencia...besides the fact that they suck.    And you know, for what its worth, I do think Kain Carter needs to cut that shit out.

But, the way its being reported on so far is fucking embarrassing.  The video of Kain Carter admitting to doing "an homage" of Patrice O'Neal's work?  Released July 31st, 2013.  The videos of people doing side-by-side comparisons?  Released August 1st and August 2nd, respectively.   So why is The Root claiming Carter released his video after those  to save his ass?  Well, because it makes for a juicier story, of course.

The collective over at Uproxx are reporting the same thing, whic…

Song of the Week: Will Smith - Summertime

The perennial summer song, Will Smith's Summer Time, always conjures up images of every BBQ and every family gathering I've ever been to.  Much as I hate summer lately, when I hear something like this I can't stay angry.