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Injustice: Gods Among Us - Deathstroke

Surprisingly absolutely nobody.   The only thing I got wrong was him being a counter for Nightwing.  They've set him up as Green Arrow's opposite, due to the television series.   Still.   2 for 2. 

Along with the confirmed via box art Green Lantern and Joker, technically 3 for 4.  Here's hoping the next character is someone no one is expecting, but everyone likes.  But more likely, it's just Green Lantern.

Battle Rap Wednesdays: JC vs Chilla Jones

I'm late with this, but shut up it's still Wednesday everywhere except on the East Coast.   This is a battle that dropped last month that I didn't really notice until this weekend.  That's my bad because this JC kid is something ridiculous.   Can't wait to see him battle some of the well-known battlers to see what happens.   As far as Chilla, people say he's dope but I'm not feeling his schemes.  Maybe its just me?  See for yourself:

Song of the Day: Verbal ft. Lupe Fiasco -

You never know what's going to happen when two of your favorite rappers team up together.  Fortunately, this mix from Lupe Fiasco and the boy Verbal (yes THAT Verbal, of m-flo fame) happened to make a pretty dope song backed by a catchy beat from DJ Deckstream.

Battle Rap Wednesdays: AyeVerb vs Hollow da Don

The boy AyeVerb was something nice in the past, apparently.  Also, respect to Hollow Da Don for keeping up with this dude (barely) with nothing but freestyle.  

Is this the longest column I've ever kept going aside from the Music Video/Song of the Day?  Huh.  Guess I just enjoy seeing dudes getting roasted.

MAG 2: Digital Gaming

So last week I talked about the growing expenses of gaming with respect to new technology. This week I want to shift gears a bit onto Digital Gaming, a subject that's been much debated over the last two years. To set the parameters of this particular MAG column, when I say Digital Gaming I mean any form of gaming that doesn't strictly involve a physical copy of any video game.  This would include DLC, downloadable copies of existing video games, and finally download-only games.  It's a fairly small range of subjects, but this article could still become cumbersome if I don't shrink it down to a single question: Are console gaming companies taking advantage of their consumers with digital gaming?

To begin with, let's examine the current state of downloadable video games.  Since the release of the Playstation 3 and the Xbox 360, both Sony and Microsoft have sought to occasionally bring out games that could be downloaded off their personal services as well as bought i…

Battle Rap Wednesdays: poRICH vs. Arcane

I stayed up late as fuck to find a decent battle so you people better appreciate it.   This Arcane dude is pretty nice, and you already saw poRICH earlier, though this is before his rise to KOTD champion I'm guessing.