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Battle Rap Wednesdays: Real Deal vs. Young Kannon

Not as good as last week's, but this means I'm one step closer to seeing Real Deal vs. Ill Will, a battle that's got the makings of a classic.   Anyway, it's hard for me to say Deal got anything less than a 3-0 on this one.   Young Kannon tried to bring the heat, and even had a pretty slick Round 1, but after that it just looked worse and worse.  The truth is, very, very few of these battle rap dudes are in the streets like that, so having Real Deal pull his card like that just made Rounds 2 and 3 sound much more impressive by comparison.

Not sure who's battling next week but I'm looking forward to seeing it.  We got 2 more weeks left of Round 1 before we move on to Round 2, and I gotta say this format has been one of my favorites in battle rap.  Two minutes forces the rappers to cut all the filler out of their verses (or lose)--I could see them stretching it out to 2:30 or a full 3 minutes but make that the absolute maximum.  The crowds are quiet, and the aud…

Music Video of the Week: Chance the Rapper - Juice

Finally started getting into Chance the Rapper's Acid Rap.  It's not bad, it just takes some time to get used to his voice and his beats, but once you do its addicting.  The piano on the song for this video, for instance?  Crack.

Battle Rap Thursdays: Cortez vs. Dizaster

Yeah, I'm late as fuck.  The summer is becoming like anathema to me.  This shit is only for folks who live in metropolitan areas or have money to travel, otherwise fuck this season.  Anyway, you ain't come for that, you came for this:

I can't really call it, as far as who won.  Cortez had a much more organized flow, plus he ain't try that silly Daylyt "Peter Pan" scheme shit (points to Diz for using Mega Man tho).   Forced to give an answer I'd say Cortez 2-1 since his last round wasn't that hot.

Looking forward to the rest of these #TAKEOVER battles, especially since URL might be BSing with the NOME3 battles it looks like.

Battle Rap Wednesday: Ill Will vs. Danja Zone

URL's team-up with BET turned out to be a lot better than I expected.  I'm sure this sounds like ass on cable but this is what I wish URL was all the time: you can hear the battlers clearly, the air is noticeably free of the "Don Demarco" echo, and best of all--they got the crowd to shut the fuck up.   Anyway, let's talk about this battle for a second.

 To me, the best battle of the year so far has been Ill Will vs. Johnnie Alcatraz.  Arcane vs. Dizaster involved a lot of fuckery from both opponents, Hollow vs. Tsu Surf was underwhelming, but those two Proven Ground cats went at it and gave battle rap a classic on the level of that JC vs. Chilla Jones.  So its good to see Ill Will here battling again.   Danja Zone didn't do too badly but Ill Will took that 2-1, so I'm looking forward to seeing him go up against (hopefully) Real Deal in two weeks.

Bottom of the Pile #8: July 10, 2013

Back again, right in time for the next one.

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