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Music Video of the Week: Fitz and the Tantrums - Moneygrabber

I'm either late to the party or ahead of the curve with this one.  I first heard "Moneygrabber" at my student union, and I thought: "Huh, the union plays Hall and Oates songs?"  I grooved to it a little bit then I moved on, but eventually I heard it one too many time and it got stuck in my head.  About a month ago I spent like, a half-hour online trying to find out what Hall and Oates song it actually was, but failed miserably.   Finally it came on one day and I just Shazam'd it (lovely program by the way) only to find it wasn't Hall and Oates at all, just a boy/girl dual vocalist and their band, where the guy sounds remarkably like Daryl Hall and the music sounds like it was teleported out of the hands of an MTV VJ from the 80's and onto post-2010 airwaves.   Anyway, enough of my written fellatio--here's the track:

I'll be following this group from now on, no question.

Battle Rap Wednesday: Pat Stay vs. Hollohan

Mad late to the party.  Shut up.  It's STILL an amazing, ridiculous battle. 

But fuck if these two are actually friends after this battle.  There's no damn way.

Music Video of the Week: DFD - 24KTOWN

Dumbfoundead keeps progressing as an artist, I swear.   That second verse keeps playing in my head as some of the realest words I've ever heard.

"Don't be offended when my phone goes to voice mail; the flight attendant asked me to turn it off--that's real."

Battle Rap Wednesdays: Pat Stay vs. Math Hoffa

This was up later than I wanted, but I'm still on time.  Pat Stay is still hilarious, but Math Hoffa actually did decent, which surprised me.  I've noticed he's gotten more famous since he got his cute little end of the round gimmick though.  Fans are easily led along, for some reason.

Music Video of the Week: Childish Gambino - L.E.S.

This random collection of people hanging out in New York might just be the most coherent music video Gambino's ever had.  Which is good, since L.E.S. is probably my favorite song off CAMP in terms of emotional resonance.  (That Power in terms of lyrical ability.)

Whoo!!! Valentine's Day is OVER!

Seriously, V-D annoys the crap outta me.  Not because of the lovey-dovey stuff of people in relationships--no, because of all the bitter single people.  And it gets so tiresome.  Here's just SOME of the bullshit I hear every Valentine's Day, and why it's a bunch of nonsense.

Happy Singles' Awareness Day! : Originally I thought this was kinda cute.  But the older I get the more it just sounds like the loneliest shit ever.  It's not Singles Awareness Day, it is a day for COUPLES.  No one is singling you out specifically and going, "Hey!  You're single?!  You should just go home and kill yourself."     Can you keep your sad, emo, "Oh God nobody loves me" shit to yourself for 24 measly hours and just let the couples enjoy themselves?   It'll be okay, I promise. 

Valentine's Day Is Just A Holiday Made Up By Corporations To... : Shut up shut up shut up.  Seriously, shut the fuck up.  Spend 02/14 looking up conspiracy vids on YouTube or some…

Infinite Replays: Kingdoms of Amalur

And welcome to Jumping in Headfirst's newest column, Infinite Replays; a column dedicated to my final thoughts on the (very few) games I've both played and beaten.  For our first edition we're starting with a game I spent quite a bit of time with in 2012, Kingdoms of Amaluar: Reckoning.  After a ridiculous amount of hours, I finally finished this game.

That terrible screen is of my television the day I hit the finish point, the day before I started school again this year.  It's far shy of their "over 200 hours" claim, but Kingdoms of Amalur represents something vital at this point in my life as a gamer.

The truth is, I was slowly falling out of love with gaming.  It's true, one of the first things I did with my college loan money (aside from pay off bills) was buy a PS3, but I barely ever used it.  I bought Star Ocean 4 and Final Fantasy XIII but XIII sucked and I never really bothered to play SO4.  I bought MvC3 but that's about the time I learned fi…

The New 52, Corrected: Final Thoughts

I'm writing this ahead of time because I have been inspired.By the time you read this, I will have finished The New 52, Corrected project and will have moved on to working on Alpha Squad.You'll hear more about that later, I hope.Right now I'm several days behind and kinda yelling at myself for spending more time with my friends than I have working on my craft.My apologies for that. I digress.The point of New 52, Corrected (from henceforth known as N52C) was to jettison some of the ideas I feel haven't worked as well as either I (or DC in some cases) wanted.A kind of "fantasy football" where I turned the clock back on the DC Universe to a time period where I was excited every week to read their comics. But on some level, maybe that's the problem: the idea of turning the clock back.It's physically possible to do so, but in reality it does nothing: All you did was make a clock that can't tell time, which is basically just a shitty clock.Metaphoricall…