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Song of the Week - Dru Hill - The Love We Had

Bit of a throwback. Enjoy.

I take no responsibility for memories concerning past heartbreaks or "ones that got away".

Captain America: The First Avenger trailer

I haven't seen much about this movie since the Super Bowl commercial, but here's the full trailer, promoting the film adaptation of the origin of Captain America.

I think they put a little too much sauce on the transformation process (...It was, like, a shot.) but I'm not really judging it on accuracy to the comics. This movie's it's own thing.

I love the fact that it's a period piece, but they're not holding anything back in regards to costumes and villains. I'm going to guess that this film will capture most people's attentions, since it's a more "grounded" movie than every superhero flick out there that's not Batman. (I could speculate as to why that is, but it would only sound like an insult.)

Love the little nods to Iron Man films, and I'm excited to see how this and Thor grow the universe Marvel's attempting to create. So, what about everyone else? Who's going to see this opening weekend? (It's July 22nd.…

Song of the Week

"And I can't go for that, nigga Hall and Oates."
A little CG humor. (Giving the guy a break for now while I re-familiarize myself with the rest of my music collection, starting with my boy mc chris and these fellows.)

May have done this song before...but it's worth a re-post.

Status Update

Okay. Apologies for getting nothing written. I had plans Friday to get actual work accomplished, but while I was in the middle of doing so, I got dragged away on a shopping trip for clothes.

There literally is nothing else to that story, aside from the universe-is-laughing part where I went into Radio Shack with my mother in an attempt to get a new phone...and she walked out with an iPhone 3, while I walked out with exactly the same phone I walked in with.

Anyway, I've got about a month left to get my grades together for the "wow, these are sure pointless now that I've changed my major" classes, and in the case of Physics it's not looking good. Still, nothing will change if I don't at least make an attempt to try, so that's what I'll be doing for the next five weeks.

As far as the writing...blah...I'm unsatisfied with my work, and I think that's largely because everything I post is first draft material. That'd be fine if everything were…

Nerd News: Get Your Facts Straight

Even though I've got the Frequent Visits link to your right when you click here, I figured I'd give a little spotlight to geek-related news sites.

Why? Well, mostly because I'm tired of hearing people perpetuate stupid news that reliable sites either didn't report or debunked weeks ago. And also, because it's a good idea to know stuff. If I haven't made it abundantly clear by now, I'm a nerd-of-all-trades, so whether you're a fan of anime, video games or comic books, I've got you covered. Bookmark these links; they're vital to keeping up with their respective fandoms.

Video Games

Destructoid - One of the younger video game news sites, Destructoid is a sister site to Japanator, and one of the most frequently-updated and accurate gaming blogsites on the web. Though admittedly the writers can sometimes get a little...opinionated with their posts, they still deliver gaming news in as straightforward a manner as possible. They cover all games, …

Top 20 Anime: #18

Type: Original Video Animation
# of Episodes: 6
Produced By: Bandai Visual, Production Reed, Media Blasters

Sometimes all a series needs is a distinctive style. Iria got it's place on my list for exactly that. As much as fans would prefer to think otherwise, OVAs are generally just testing ground for potential television series. Pilots, really. Eien no Aseria and Gunsmith Cats are examples of how to do this incorrect and correctly, respectively, but they are both examples of this. There's far more story to both of them, but neither saw animated adaptations past the initial handful of episodes.

Iria, possibly, may be different. To my knowledge, there's no manga for it and visual novels were not common back then, and it watches like a film. It's the story of the title character (Iria) dealing with an exceptional case that's a remnant of the days when she worked with her brother, and her battle against the "ultimate being".

The story itself is nothing spe…

Recent Addiction: Mahou Sensei Negima

Whee. Spring Break. So, writing time!

(Note: This article is all about spoilers. I'll try to white them out where possible, but I'm not sure how feasible that will be.)

Recently, I started reading Negima, the story of a ten year old school teacher, Negi Springfield (who's secretly a magician in training searching for his father, the legendary Nagi Springfield, the Thousand Master), and his class full of fourteen year old girls. It was supposed to be notable for it's rapid change from dull harem to Awesome Shonen Series, and I'm a sucker for Rapid Genre Change and Awesome Shonen.

Still, it's very rare that I take interest in a new manga; particularly when it's so long-lived. Setting school aside, I'm so far behind on other things that it's quite difficult to find time to devote to a new manga series...particularly when the ones that catch my interest are usually ongoing.there's no endgame I'm working towards, other than catching up to the …

Feel the magic, hear the roar...

Cartoon Network's put up a trailer for the new Thundercats show. I gotta looks SO much better than the new Transformers toon OR the G.I. Joe series airing right now. I can't believe it...but apparently I'm rocking with the Thundercats for this generation of 80's revivals.

Don't you know that I'm a rapist? Ask your tracks.

I was told in Composition I, a title should grab one's attention. How was that?

Anyway. Lupe Fiasco's L.A.S.E.R.S. and Childish Gambino's Fuck Rap Cool dropped today. I spent about and hour and a half listening to both; everyone else should too.

Star Tracks on L.A.S.E.R.S. :

Letting Go
Till I Get There
I Don't Wanna Care Right Now
The Show Goes On
State Run Radio
Break the Chain

Words I Never Said is dope too, but it's along the same stuff I've been hearing in conscious rap for a few years now. It can be a downer after awhile, so it's not a song I can put on repeat like the ones above.

All-in-all, LASERS is well worth the money, though apparently the internet disagrees (surprise).

On the other hand, my boy Childish Gambino (who conscious rappers wish they could be, since they keep whining about being put in a box that he actively avoids)'s EP is only five tracks, but all of them are stellar work.

My favorite two are definitely My Shine and Not Going Back, two …

Song of the Week: Bobby Caldwell - What You Won't Do

My friends wonder what is wrong with me...but I'm in a daze, from your love, you see...

Bobby Caldwell is one soulful dude. I had a discussion last night with some of my friends, and we were talking about how back in the day you'd put on some R&B music when you were with your girl, to set the mood...but you can't really do that now, 'cause no girl wants to fuck to these new cats. (No girl I'd date, at least.)

I pointed really still use old-school shit, like this cat right here, 'cause the classics are never outdated.