Anime Picks: Battle Girl High School

Follow the originators, not the imitators...

Anime Picks: Knight's and Magic

I think we got a hit.

Anime Picks: Hina Logi: From Luck and Logic

A few quick and dirty reviews of my picks of the new season, including whether or not I'm still watching them after their first episodes. We're going to start off with the show that got a head start on the summer season and premiered at launch, Hina Logi: From Luck & Logic

Hina Logi is supposed to be a spin-off to the original Luck and Logic series, a fantasy-based series that had battles through card games.  I'd meant to get into the original, I decided I'd just jump straight into the sequel and if it appealed, I could always go back and watch the original.

Too bad Hina Logi was almost criminally boring.  I'm not against Cute Girls Doing Cute Things, but they didn't really do much at all this episode.  The main character is Princess Liones, who ran away from her father (with the approval of her mother) to go to a private school where she could train her abilities and become a Logicalist, one of many who use their special abilities to protect the world.


7 Thoughts About Kyuranger Episode 20:

Welp, we're at the twenty episode mark.  Time to get serious!

7 Thoughts About Kyuranger 19: "The Spirit of the Forest Planet, Keel"

Episode 20 is coming either today or early tomorrow. 

 1.) This, fellow viewers, is what writers like to call a "ticking clock".  The Kyuranger's success over the past four months has caused Jark Matter to get serious about trying to win; this has resulted in them sending what looks like hundreds of Consumarz to drain Earth of its energy, fast

The team rushes off to try and fight it, but Xiao warns that it would be more expedient for them to merely find the last globe necessary to track down the Argo and win.  And so now the Argo goes from a thing that would merely be nice to have, to a necessary weapon in their battle against Jark Matter, because if they don't find it in time, Earth dies.  If I had to guess, I'd say we're two, maximum three episodes away from the Argo's first real appearance.

2.) Setting aside the hilarity of a squid squirting an arc of ink outwards and somehow getting it to create a rainbow which "clearly" symbolizes the &q…

Bottom of the Pile: June 7th, 2014

Loyal readers, this is why you don't promise things.  This was supposed to be out last week (well, really three weeks ago but shhh), but my laptop's charger had a short in it and I had to go without until just yesterday.    I've had a lot of time to think since then though, and I want to do a lot of updates in the next week/month.