Bottom of the Pile: April 19th, 2017

Astro City It's amazing how Kurt's characters can draw from so many sources that they eventually take on a life of their own.  Like, this girl is clearly something like Deadpool--she's not only aware that she's a comic book, but she can hear what are seemingly cosmic beings when they refer to her or her father, the superhero known as The Gentleman.  At the same time, her wholesomeness and ability to "summon" a super-powered adult when trouble is near makes her a lot like Billy Batson/Captain Marvel.

You wouldn't think that combination would work well, and yet it leads to this heart-warming (and heart-breaking) tale of this immortal girl, who despite being stuck as a child forever, has irrepressible levels of optimism.  A girl who lost her father but wished so hard to have him back that he re-appeared....with superpowers, no less!  Of course it's later revealed that he's a figment of her psychic abilities, but to generate someone that powerful rais…

Anime Observations: Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Thoughts

Here's how I know I'm a sucker for massive universes: I was never a big fan of Naruto, but three episodes in and I'm almost completely sold on Boruto.  The fact that you know the background characters--their loves, their successes, their failures--made me far more invested than I would've been if this had been a completely new series.

Boruto continues the story of the Naruto universe, but it's been over a decade since the Last Great Ninja War, and all of our favorite kids have grown up and had children who've grown up to be old enough to enter the Konoha Ninja Academy themselves.  Only, in the decade-plus since they were young, the world has changed: technology has flooded the world.  Railcars and video games mean industry has become a much larger driving factor for the world economy over the ninja.  So the Ninja Academy has changed too, teaching it's students much more than merely ninjustsu.

What I love about Boruto is all of the call backs, getting to se…

Data from a Scrub: Day Two

I'm back again, this time playing the meta deck du jour, Midrange Shadowcraft.  Looking at the stats, this deck is so far ahead of the rest that it's only a matter of time before something in it gets nerfed.  But in the meantime, I can use it to climb really easy, riiiight?   Well.  Let's see.

Data From a Scrub: Day One


Bottom of the Pile: April 12th, 2017

Welcome back to an admittedly late edition of Bottom of the Pile.  If you didn't know, Bottom of the Pile is an article where I take some of my favorite comics of the week and do commentary on them--it can range from funny remarks to discussing the comic in context of the world around it both in-universe and in a meta sense, or full on mini-reviews, depending on what I'm feeling about it.  When your comic is so excellent that I want to save it until the end, you wind the Bottom of the Pile.
Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows Renew Your Vows hasn't really gone into what the superhero landscape of its Earth looks like.  Bear in mind, this is essentially the same Earth from Secret Wars where Regent had basically conquered the planet and taken all the superheroes and villains' powers for his own...or had them killed, so we should actually be fairly light on heroes aside from our friendly neighborhood spider-folks.  This issue gives us a glimpse at the X-Men which …

Anime Observations: The King's Avatar

It's Springtime, and the television airwaves of Japan are filled with all sorts of new product placement ads anime!  Now considering as of this season I'm working my way through no less than 20 different anime series (half of them older series, admittedly), I'm basically just looking for reasons to drop series at this point so I have proper time for the rest.   Does The King's Avatar make the cut?

7 Thoughts About Kyuuranger Episode 10: "The Little Giant, Big Star!"

The eleventh Kyuuranger arrives! 

1.)  The biggest problem I have with this episode is that there's so much about it that expressly goes against the stuff that was just set up last week.   The whole "there are only nine Kyurangers" was enough, but that's thrown out the window now that Kotaro has a Kyu Blaster--if there can be only nine, what's the point of having a tenth Blaster?   Well, maybe they just keep spares.

But then: nevermind being "chosen" by a Kyu Globe, Xiao said that there are "Skill Globes" and "Change Globes".  No matter how many times Kotaro tries with all these Skill Globes, none of them were going to let him transform regardless.   You'd think someone would've told him that instead of watching him try Globe after Globe and look like a goof.   I mean, for Draco Commander to happen the spirit of that constellation itself had to come down and grant Xiao his powers, and that's just not going to happen ever…