SotD Life ST Version: Day Nine

Wooo!!! Finals are DONE! And I'm done for a couple weeks. My friends are still in town, so I'm going to get some dueling done, and up my win ratio.

In honor of my being finished with school, and the duels coming up, you get two (!) songs today. First, the battle theme of the best duelist ever, Fuudou Yusei!

"Clustering wishes will become a new shining star! Become the path it's light shines upon! Synchro Summon!! Take flight, Shooting Star Dragon!!!"

I love that theme, and it's really cool...but I gotta give it to my boy for having the superior theme. The King of Duelists, Jack Atlas!!

I get goosebumps when I hear that theme. "The Ruler's Heartbeats will now file through here! Bear witness to it's Creation Shaking Power!! Synchro Summon!! My very soul, Red Demon's Dragon!!"

(What? Defense monsters?! I don't THINK so. Absolute Power Force!!) ROFL.


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