The Pull List: Red Robin

Since my early teen years, I have been a fan of the third Robin (now Red Robin), Tim Drake. I'm not completely certain as to "why". It could be that he was relateable, at that age. He was a teenager that WANTED to be a hero, training hard under Batman and Lady Shiva to be the best crimefighter he could, never shirking his duties, but simultaneously being very much a teenager at school.

It could be that I was envious of his demeanor. The calm, logical way he approached his career as Robin was and is something I would like to emulate in my everyday life.

Or it could be that he's just been in awesome comics since I first read about him in Young Justice and his 180+ issue Robin series, a trend that continues with this new comic, Red Robin.

Initially, I had all sorts of problems with this comic, something the people over at ComicBloc forums can easily attest to. The opening twelve issue arc had me in an actual nerd rage (which can only happen over miniscule crap that doesn't matter) where I nitpicked the tinsiest problem in each successive issue, until I read the last three issues, which both brought Tim back to greatness as a character and finally allowed him to deal with all the trauma he had experienced over the past few years of DC events that one by one stole his family and friends.

Once I noticed that (and the gorgeous art by Marcus To), this series became a must-read, and has remained such after the writer switch to the very talented and very underappreciated Fabian Nicieza.

It's been a while since I read this series, but if you like globe-trotting, martial arts action, teen romance, superheroes, and cool-headed, tactical teenagers that take people down with their minds before ever fighting with their fists (and very beautiful artwork), Red Robin is the series to go to.

Jump on Issue: Red Robin 13.


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