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Project Otaku Powerlevelling: Part 9

The second full-length series that needed to be tackled was Kiddy Girl-and. I should really have some kind of cool opening theme for these.

Kiddy Girl-and

Kiddy Girl-and earned a spot on this list due to its predecessor, Kiddy Grade. Easily one of my Top Five, hearing that a potential sequel was in the works years ago, I had high hopes. After several years of no news though, I stopped thinking about KG2 and moved on to other things--other series. But naturally when I first saw artwork and posters on this series, "Kiddy Girl-and", I got excited again--its very existence became a large part of why I was excited for the fall season of anime last year.

Unfortunately, Kiddy Girl-and just did not turn out to be the series I wanted it to be. The first six episodes are a mess of character focus episodes, giving Kiddy Girl-and far more comedy than Kiddy Grade provided, even at its silliest. However, I was unconcerned here--Kiddy Grade's opening episodes failed to impress as w…