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Its 2009. Darkseid's been smited, the Skrull Invasion's been sent packing, and things will never be the same.

...Or something. That was last year, which with us rapidly approaching March, I think we can all agree is well and truly over. Like I said, its 2009, and there's a whole new roster of comics coming this year.

But what about the months 2009 has already blown through? Well, to be fair, although there were some gems to be found in January and February, they were more transitionary months. For DC, we went through the incredibly boring "Faces of Evil" month in January, where the cover of every ongoing series featured a series-specific villain, and told stories either with that villain in them, or from that villain's perspective. Not giving two florgs about villains, you can imagine that wasn't a very interesting set of Wednesdays for me.

They followed that up with the incredibly depressing Origins and Omens month, where the stories were normal, but…

So Marvel's releasing a Thor movie in 2010 and a Cap movie in 2011, what are you doing DC?

Why, a Suicide Squad movie, of course. What the fuck, DC. I realize Marvel started off with Blade, but then they ramped up the star status and moved on to recgonizable names like X-Men, and later Spider-Man. At this point in the game, they're doing A-List (to us comic nerds) heroes like Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America. If things go as planned for them, they should have an Avengers movie out just a few months after Cap's movie.

And what about you, DC? What have you done? Batman Begins was amazing, and The Dark Knight has net you an Oscar, something I doubt Marvel will ever manage with their main superheroes unless they do a direct adaptation of one of their comic mini-series. No, don't look at Constantine. That's Vertigo. And take your eyes off Watchmen. You don't get to lay claim to it now that its a hit when you wouldn't let Alan Moore use the Charlton characters when he originally wrote it. Your only claims to fame are Superman Returns, which…

Sage Spoils The Plot: Kamen Rider Decade

Starting a new section today, entitled Sage Spoils The Plot. I pondered over this name for quite a while, but as I thought about it, I realized calling it commentary or blogging or whatever is just bullshit. What you're REALLY doing is spoiling the plot and adding your own brand of shitty humor. So, why not be honest? Plus, Sage Spoils The Plot has kind of a ring to it.

For the first section we're doing the new Kamen Rider series of 2009, Kamen Rider Decade. Kamen Rider checks a lot of "totally fucking awesome" boxes for me. A lot of people might call it, "Japanese Power Rangers" (which is untrue from the start since that already exists) due to the suits and the fight scenes. I accept this. That said, its proof that anything done right can be cool--so when you get rid of the over-acting, toss in a good plot (exceptionally good plots actually), add in some well done characterization, and tone down the stupid-level of the fight scenes and make them look less l…