The Pull List: Darkwing Duck

My Pull List, admittedly, is mostly superheroes. DC and Marvel superheroes, at that. But BOOM! Studios has been releasing a lot of awesome comics lately, and a lot of them right out of my childhood.

Any kid that grew up in the nineties had the pleasure of seeing Disney Afternoon, a block of Disney cartoons that aired in the afternoons in syndication, and one which spawned both iconic properties (Gargoyles), and "cult hits" (Mighty Ducks). One of the biggest of these, without a doubt, was Darkwing Duck.

An affectionate parody of superheroes (Batman in particular, but all pulp heroes really), Darkwing Duck was one of my favorite cartoons of all-time, both then and now. It came as an immense surprise when I learned the character was being given his own comic book (an ongoing, no less), but from what I've read (and heard), it's the real deal.

If you're a fan of the cartoon, this is it, in comic book form. The art, the characters, and the plots--they're all spot-on. If you've never SEEN the cartoon, this comic book is a great chance to get involved. This is superhero adventure at it's best, with a dash of comedy tossed in for good measure. (Okay, a whole box of comedy.)

Jump-On Point: Darkwing Duck #1


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