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Freestyle Fridays: Loaded Lux and Arsonal Parts 2-4

So...I thought the first video was like, more than enough to obliterate every fake-ass rapper in the game, but I forgot Sway's thing is the Five Fingers of Death, a sort of hip-hop obstacle course for all the rappers that come onto his show.   So check out parts two through four of this Loaded Lux & Arsonal insanity.

Loaded Lux ain't from here, ya'll.  Dude's an alien.

Marvel NOW Part 1: DC's Chance

So, I've made no secret that I'm not exactly a huge fan of the way The New 52 has been carried out.  The idea itself was sound, but it was backed by poor execution and a lack of sufficient talent for the huge undertaking that it was.  But, there's something coming up real soon that makes me hopeful for future prospects from DC: MarvelNOW.

It sounds weird saying DC's competition doing something big is good news for them, but it isn't, and the reasoning behind it is fairly simple.  Competition is good.  Let's face it: The New 52, financially, was a resounding success.  Despite the early missteps that were Catwoman and Red Hood and the Outlaws, that you could (and they technically already have) cancel roughly half their line and the comics world as a whole wouldn't even notice, AND the fact that discussion about DC Comics these days is largely negative--DC is still making money.  They beat Marvel for the first time in decades for two months straight, and even m…

Battle Rap Wednesdays: Loaded Lux vs Calicoe

I'm pretty sure "You Gon' Get This Work!" has appeared in nearly every part of the internet where there's a fair amount of black people. Rightfully so, 'cause....holy shit. I mean, I've seen a lot of battle raps since I started going to school, but.. I've never seen someone get slaughtered quite like this.

Like most battle rap videos, its kind of long at about 44 minutes, but the first 5 minutes or so is just filler, so the whole thing actually clocks in a little shorter.   Neither of the first verses are all that special, but rewind that second Lux verse at least once because it's nearly impossible to catch all the references in one go.  And Lux's third verse?  Whoo.   I had someone I follow on Twitter describe it as "Black Excellence", and to be honest...I'm not sure I disagree.   It goes from typical battle rap insults to an insightful look into the black culture, discusses black history, denounces the materialization an…

Freestyle Fridays: Loaded Lux and Arsonal

For everyone that thinks battle rappers can't rap without battling.  

That dude obliterated that beat, brought it back, then destroyed it again for good measure.  Enjoy your weekend.

Battle Rap Wednesday: AyeVerb vs Hitman Holla

So I'm trying something new.  I'm a huge fan of battle raps, so I've decided to make Wednesday a day to post some of the cooler battle raps I've seen in my life.

First up?  AyeVerb versus Hitman Holla.  Both of these rappers come correct in this three-round, 35 minute battle, but AyeVerb takes it with the third round with a very creative route of attack.  You'll see what I mean...

Kamen Rider Wizard Impressions

I meant to wait and do this thing after I watched episode two of the series, but with each passing episode there's a powerful temptation to put it off for the next milestone, until you're talking about doing a complete series review and those never get done.  So here we go:

After Fourze, I was pretty disillusioned with Kamen Rider in general.  With Sentai I've come to expect a pattern of "one on, one off", so usually when one season is somewhat weak the next is pretty amazing.  (Gekiranger, Shinkenger, Gokaiger...)  With Kamen Rider though, there's no real pattern so you just have to wait it out for a season that "clicks".  I gave Fourze a fair shot, even though I thought his costume looked moronic, but even 20+ episodes in, it seemed determined to aim for mediocrity.  I was terminally behind, and a combination of a particularly annoying episode and getting a glimpse of Wizard, made me decide to give it up in favor of (maybe) watching it later to wai…

Calendar of Cool: September

Strobelights/Lovely Nights (August 31st)

This isn't in September technically, but August 31st and September 1st are close enough for me.  This is my boy Mario Devon's freshman debut album, a double CD that's half rap half R&B.  The guy's been putting in work on this thing since I met him (which was like two years ago), and it shows with the studio-level production I've heard from the few tracks I've gotten the chance to listen to so far.  So you know, go cop that shit because women love dark-skinned men singing about them.  Or get it because you want to be ahead of the curve about a guy who's going to blow up and you can be the one to say "I knew about him before he was mainstream".  Or just get it because I only ever recommend cool shit.  But go cop that ish.  It's on Amazon, it's on Rhapsody, it's on iTunes.  You got a lot of options, so no excuses!

Doctor Who Season 7 (September 1st)

Whoo, I'm WAY too late with this thing.  I…

Fall Anime 2012 Picks

I haven't done one of these in awhile, and I apologize.  I've been going through some things and I was in a state that just didn't leave me with the desire to write.  At all.  But I'm back now (obviously), and with one of the hallmarks of this site.  First, have a link to the chart, and then we'll jump right into things.

Ixion Saga DT

What It's About: The game and anime follow Kon Hokaze, a boy who embarks on a journey from our world to an alternate world known as Mira, which is full a mysterious energy known as Alma. After saving Princess Ecarlate from attackers, he soon finds himself in the middle of a struggle around Alma. (MyAnimeList)

My Opinion
: I'm not sure why I keep falling for these high fantasy tales.  I love the visual trappings, but the stories are always rushed or lacklustre, with the notable exception of Sword Art Online.  I'm giving this a chance just in case it turns out to be good as well, but if I see anything like a harem or the main ch…

How to Tell If You're Bad at Card Games

I tried to give up, but I couldn't, and thus I'm still playing Yu-Gi-Oh.  Yes, the game has a lot of problems but I still try to enjoy it for what it is.  Still, there IS one thing that really gets on my nerves about this game: bad players.  I'm not talking players that are new and don't know better--that's  just a lack of experience. And I'm not talking about players that seem to lose frequently either--sometimes it just works that way.  No, I'm talking about players who are outright BAD, and at the behest of a friend, I'm going to explain exactly how you can tell if you're bad at card games, specifically Yu-Gi-Oh but most of these can be applied to pretty much any card game.

1.) You Don't Like Staples:  Staple cards earn their title for a reason: because that card does a particular job so well that regardless of your deck, it's the best option to accomplish a specific task.  These cards may not exist in every game, but in Yu-Gi-Oh it gener…