Project Otaku Powerlevelling Part 21

Another nineties series I picked up, Saber Marionette R is three-episode OVA sequel to the far more "popular"/well-known series Saber Marionette J, penned by the writer of one of my favorite anime, Bakuretsu Hunters. The series is set three hundred years after the adventures of the original Cherry, Lime, and Bloodberry, and the hapless protagonist Otaru, and in a world that is apparently much worse off.

Already, the series is off to a much less interesting start than the original, as darker and edgier is generally the more boring direction. In the end, what we are given is a far more forgettable, but more "action packed" version of Saber Marionette J. Hapless boy ends up with three hot cyborg girls. But where the original series had mysteries to solve and, (at least mildly) made one question what constitutes being a human, this series avoids all of that to shove weak fight scenes (it's not a fight if you don't have the HOPE of winning) and more misogyny down your throat.

Just go enjoy Saber Marionette J. And maybe J Again and J to X.


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