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Fall Anime Picks

I just can't end on a dark note. I mentioned in my last post that I miss when things were new, which is why I get SO excited when there's a new anime series starting because everything's new!

So, first off, let's start with the list as a whole, found in this picture here:

With that out of the way, let's begin. As always, in attempt to suck out some of the negativity that is usually found on these places, I'll only be mentioning the stuff I'm actually interested in.

Hakushaku to Yosei

Synopsis*: The story is set in 19th century England and centers on a “fairy doctor” named Lydia. Her life takes a 180-degrees turn when she meets a legendary blue knight count named Edgar and his crew. He hires her as an adviser during his quest to obtain a treasured sword that was supposed to be handed down to him by his family.

Opinion: Okay, so admittedly I'm a little wary of this series. They mention hunting down swords and quests and I get excited, but then they show a …