Project Otaku Powerlevelling: Part 13

Let's knock out a few more of these.

I'd like to say I remembered exactly what happened in this movie, but man...I'd be lying. Now I know what they mean when people say it's better to be hated or loved, never in between.

What I took away from this movie is that the main character, Ryo, is probably a bad-ass, which was obvious to begin with. His sidekick, who's name fails me at the moment (just checked--Kaori), is the start of those really annoying tsundere-types, and there's an assortment of interesting characters that surrounds Ryo.

Other than that, it was a fairly forgettable use of about 87 minutes, but I'm not discouraged from continuing with the City Hunter franchise, as it's one of the few anime franchises that existed before the 2000 boom.


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