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Summerslam 2018 Recap

Yesterday instead of doing work like I was supposed to I decided to go ahead and sacrifice my entire day to the WWE Network for another of its absurdly long Pay Per Views.  Thanks to running all their Pay Per Views on their own online streaming service, they're able now to run these things as long as they want now, so they've gone from three hour shows to these five hour marathons, even longer if you count their pre-shows...which we probably should considering they have things like championship title matches on them.  All total I was there from 4 when the pre-show started until 10:30 when things finally wrapped up, for a total of six hours. 

What'd I think of the show?  Well, let's talk about it.  Forewarning: After the abysmal Money in the Bank show I kind of opted out of watching the weekly shows so forgive me if they've covered something on them and I'm not aware of it.