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San Diego Comic Con 2010: Day Two

I'm back with Day Two. Admittedly a little late, but here we go!

X-Men Panel (CBR and Newsarama):
The X-Men start teaming up with other heroes next year? Finally.I don't get the Man Without Fear teasers, but apparently the title's up for grabs, and the X-Men's guy is Gambit.Generation Hope focuses on Hope and the new mutants appearing since she's come back to the present. Begins in November. I'm on board, though I've never seen Kieron Gillen's work before.Uncanny X-Men #526 starts the arc focusing on the new mutants that appeared recently. This is a prologue to Generation Hope, and a great jumping-on point for me since I haven't read X-Men in a few months....Deadpool wants to be the World's Greatest Hero?!?! Since when?? They should keep that up, actually..."Adjectiveless" X-Men has been placed on my radar now, upon learning that I can see the X-Men interact with the Marvel Universe there.- The Young Justice trailer! Finally! He…

Jumping in Headfirst Podcast: First Edition

I've saved up quite a few of these now, so finally I'm uploading the first one. The first JiH podcast.

It's terrible.

...Joking. We got off to a (very) rough start in this one, but if I don't put it up, the continuity in other shows wouldn't work. This is less my project and more my friend's; he wanted to get us all together and put us on a mic--certain it would be comedy gold. Is he right?

It's me, my friends Iceman (the creator of this project), Irrelevant (his choice, not mine), and the Doctor (Who?). Short introduction cast, as we talk about favorite anime, video games, and cartoons.

Warning: JiH podcast includes: heavy swearing, use of the "n" word, random-ness, mocking everything brought up, and references. (Who's Getting All These References?)

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Suggestions on how to improve are welcome, though I advise you wait until the second episode, as it improves vastly then. I had no idea WHAT we were doing then. (They didn&…

San Diego Comic Con 2010: Day One

Okay, so I'm a bit late with these. My apologies.

- First interesting news hit rather early with the announcement of an Astro City movie. Actually? I'm floored. Astro City is one of my favorite superhero comics and universes, and news of a movie is exciting. Kurt owns Astro City, so I'm certain the project will be adapted faithfully--or at least, we'll see it as Kurt wants us to. He's even doing the script. Still, I feel Busiek's stories are best told on the small screen...they just don't have the budget for Busiek's huge ideas. Either way, we'll see how it turns out.

- Activision's Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions shows off the last world. Take a look:

Expected, AND unexpected. Ultimate Symbiote Spider-Man? Huh. Of the few dozen video games coming out I want, Shattered Dimensions is inching towards being an A-List game for me. Four worlds, each of them distinct and different from the last, with differently powered Spider-Men, and …

San Diego Comic Con 2010 Upcoming

July 22nd. It's early, but its here. San Diego Comic Con.

The first panels are just starting, as its just 10:15 there.

As far as comics go, both DC and Marvel have fed us several announcements over the last two weeks, telling us about exclusive writers and artists, and some of their new titles they're bringing out in the fall months.

But this week, with a few exceptions, they've (obviously) gone silent. Hopefully, they saved some stuff for their panels so it is not merely answering questions (between Cup O' Joe, Geoff Johns Prime, and interviews from various sites, what would you ask that wasn't a snarky/whiny question?).

Usually, my interest in Comic-Con can be limited to comics, but this year, I have reasons to care about other areas of the con.

Both DC and Marvel have my attention with the formation of DC Entertainment, and Marvel going to the trouble of appointing Loeb head over their television department, and I'm expecting big things from both of them, i…

Summer Anime Picks 2010

Okay, so I'm a little late with this, but the subs for most series aren't out yet, so no worries. Aside from Shin Koihime Musou, I never cared to watch the Spring series, but I've got hopes for summer! So, here we go!

Legend of the Legendary Heroes

What It's About: Ryner Lute is a lazy student of Roland Empire Royal Magician's school. One day, Roland Empire goes to war against a neighboring country Estaboole, and he lost his classmates in the battle. After the war, Lute sets out for a journey to search the relics of a "Legendary Hero" at Emperor Sion Astal's command. And he finds out that a deadly curse is spreading through the continent. (MAL)

Why I'm Interested: The trailer was bad-ass, and that title is AWESOME. Also, as I understand it, the original novel is an exceptionally long epic fantasy series, which fleshes out its world and THEN tells its true story. Now, I just have to hope they craft a decent world *and* the series has time t…