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Bottom of the Pile: June 7th, 2014

Loyal readers, this is why you don't promise things.  This was supposed to be out last week (well, really three weeks ago but shhh), but my laptop's charger had a short in it and I had to go without until just yesterday.    I've had a lot of time to think since then though, and I want to do a lot of updates in the next week/month.

2017 Summer Anime Preview

Crap, it's July already?   Yeah, I haven't even finished most of the Spring series.  Still, technically the "first" summer series already started, and even not technically as of tomorrow the summer anime season begins in full, so before that happens here's my picks for the season.   Annoyingly I likely won't finish most of these either.

Note: I get all my summaries and information from LiveChart.  Be sure to check them out, they do an excellent job of keeping up with all the anime announcements, and allow you to decide mark whether you're interested or skipping shows from a particular season.  When you skip, the show vanishes from the chart, which I always think is a hilarious but not mean-spirited way of saying "fuck you" to a show you don't like.  Anyway, on with the article!

Random Thoughts 42: A Childish Gambino/KYLE Comparison

Random Thoughts is a new thing I'm trying for JiH, where I write a feature length article about...whatever I feel like, slap a (non-consecutive) number on it and let you guys read it.  I get to develop my writing a bit more, you get to read more of my "amazing" work.  Win-win, right?

Bottom of the Pile: May 31st, 2017

Three...technically four weeks behind.  I'll knock them all out before the week is over.  Anyways...

If you didn't know, this is Bottom of the Pile, a weekly column where I take anywhere from five to ten (sometimes more) of my favorite comics of the week and discuss them.  Sometimes that can be a mini-review, sometimes its just short commentary--both are my way of highlighting comics that I think you should be reading.   When a comic is consistently well-written in terms of action, character work, or comedy--it finds its way to the bottom of the pile, because don't we all save the best for last?

The Unbelievable Gwenpool It might be a tad unfortunate that Gwen didn't get an issue that lended depth to her character until we were sixteen issues in, but its no less welcome, as Gwen is suddenly dragged back to the "normal" world by her brother.  We finally get to see exactly what Gwen's life was like when she lived in the real worldUnsurprisingly, she wasn&…

7 Thoughts About Uchuu Sentai Kyuuranger Episode 18: "Emergency Dispatch! Space Heroes!"

And just like that, we're caught up!  My apologies for getting behind, particularly since this episode is actually pretty awesome if you're a long-time Sentai nerd like me.

7 Thoughts About Uchuu Sentai Kyuuranger Episode 17: "Light Up The Dark Dome!"

I'm technically three weeks behind, but since this week we didn't get an episode that leaves me only two episodes behind, so let's knock those out before 19 comes out next weekend. 

E3 Games of the Show

Well, with Nintendo's E3 Direct done and dusted, all the major games of this year's E3 have been revealed.   And I slapped together a list of the ten games I was most excited about from this year's conference because I was bored and also because lists are how I process excitement.    This year wasn't especially crazy, but I still easily managed to find ten games I was impressed by...and a few I honestly cannot wait to get my hands on. 

E3 Wish List

We're finally at the finish line.  The pre-show press conferences start tomorrow with Electronic Arts' showcase, and from there we get at least a show a day all the way into Tuesday, with more in-depth looks at revealed titles carrying us all the way into Thursday.   If you missed it, I've already done looks at EA, Microsoft, Bethesda, Ubisoft, Sony, and Nintendo.  The only thing left is my insane wish list.   Ready to gaze into the depths of a hopeless gamer's dreams?

The Road to E3 2017: Nintendo

Finally we come to the last of the major E3 "presenters".   Presenters in quotes because technically, Nintendo won't be taking the stage.  They haven't in years and 2017 will be no exception, as the Big "N" foregoes the big stage in favor of doing a Direct-like presentation at on June 13th at 9PM Pacific, 12PM Eastern.

Nintendo's been in the spotlight in a major way lately, with the Nintendo Switch consistently putting up monster numbers every month that are even managing to topple the Sony's PS4 sale.  Combine that with what so far has been a very small, but stellar line-up of games in Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, and it's easy to see why so many eyes are eagerly watching Nintendo to see what they have next.  And that's what we're here for, so let's get into it!

If you missed it, here's my thoughts on EA, Microsoft, Bethesda, Ubisoft, and Sony

Bottom of the Pile: May 3rd, 2017

I didn't want to leave this week undone when last week's (and this week's too, probably) are going to be light on entries.  It's a tad unfair, but I'm writing these with the knowledge I have of the whole month so some references are probably going to be a bit different.