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Macross Delta Episode 3: A Stormy Dogfight

Walkure Thoughts: Just more of best girl Mikumo being best girl, NBD.  Anyway, the OP for this is starting to grow on me. I'm questioning the mixing during "dueling chorus" part, but that could be anything from bad audio on my encode to just not being able to hear the song properly and the actual release will clear it up.Either way, I'm slowly starting to believe in Walkure, both as characters on the show and as a musical group.  Anyhow, onto the review!

Macross Delta Episode 2: Audition with Death

Welcome to the Macross Delta Review/Impressions series that I totally don't really have the time to do.   I'll try to keep these weekly, which means I should be doing episode 3 by Thursday and keep the rest done on a "by Tuesday" basis.

Walkure Thoughts: Yes, Mikumo is totally the header image because she's my favorite out of the group.  She's basically Sheryl Norme with an even bigger flair for the dramatic, and she's totally going to end up my favorite character...y'know, provided she doesn't become a secret traitor later in the series.  (That's totally going to happen, isn't it?)   Also, the Walkure symbol is totally the Westside gang sign.  Just saying.

Also: Judging by what I've seen online, Ikenai Borderlineis already anisong of 2016.  I'm already upset the actual single hasn't dropped yet.  

On to the review!

Dragon Ball Super 39 Thoughts

Kaio-ken returns!  I was actually talking about this episode yesterday with a friend and we were remarking about how stupid Kaioken returning was, but surprisingly this was handled quite well.  There's a little too much "powering up" for my tastes (I will forever think Dragon Ball Kai is superior because of this), but this was actually a pretty decent episode that continues the trend of Dragon Ball Super slowly transforming into a good anime.  Well, good to DBZ fans at least.  If they keep this up by episode 50 most fans will have forgotten the show was ever just a garbage retread of movies we'd already watched.

First Impressions: Hundred

Every season, I watch a single episode (just one, because I don't want my brain to explode from pure rage) of an anime series I just know is going to be bad.  Perhaps it's to remind myself that not every anime is going to be great, perhaps it's because I have too much free time.   It may even be because I have hope that they'll be better than I think they will be, though that's rarely ever happened.  Either way, generally, they tend to have some of the same idiotic elements: poorly utilized school settings, magic, harems, hapless main characters.   Hundred has all of these, so you can guess how it goes.

First Impressions: Boku no Hero Academia

Culture fusion has some of the strangest, most interesting results.  Take Boku no Hero Academia: it merges superheroes and hero culture (a distinctly Western thing) with shonen storytelling (a distinctly Eastern thing) to come up with the closest thing to a dream anime I'll probably ever get.  Academia follows Izuku Midoriya, a young boy who dreams of becoming a hero in a world where the vast majority of the world have developed "quirks", unique special abilities that...look, they're superpowers, okay?  The catch?  Izuku is one of the small percentage of humanity left that hasn't developed a quirk...and there's "no" hero that exists without some form of power. 

Enter All Might--the world's most popular superhero, and Izuku's idol.  After being saved by All Might, Izuku asks him a question that changes his life: is it possible to become a hero without a quirk?  The way All Might helps Izuku, leads to him joining the legendary Yuuei Academy,…