SotD Life ST Version: Day Fifteen

More relationship stuff. If you're dealing with a bad break-up? Skip this one. Trust me.

For everyone else? Childish Gambino (who I can't stop listening to right now) is absolutely brilliant on this track. Spitting a heartbreaking story of a relationship gone wrong over a sped-up soul sample, the entire song sounds like he's barely able to keep himself together long enough to get the words out, giving an emotional realness to the song that most like this lack.

I'm aware that a lot of guys will say that that's "soft" and other dudes can do it without sounding like a bitch, but uhm...when you're talking about how you're hurt that some girl left you? You ALREADY sound like a bitch (Especially in a genre where the signature phrase since the 90's has been, "We don't love these hoes!"). Might as well use that to make a superior song.

This is from Gambino's early stuff, which I don't even normally like because he works too hard to sound like he has a cold in his throat ('cause he's "sick"...get it?), so the fact that I'm promoting this should tell you how dope it is. But I'll shut up now so everyone can enjoy the music.


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