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"Dope" Review

"If I told you I killed a nigga at 16, would you believe me?
Or see me to be, the innocent Kendrick you seen in the street
With a basketball and some Now-and-Laters to eat,
If I mentioned all of my skeletons, would you jump in the seat?
Would you say my intelligence now is great relief?
And its safe to say our next generation maybe could sleep
With dreams of being a lawyer or doctor, 
Instead of a boy with a chopper, that hold the cul-de-sac hostage?"

That verse from Kendrick Lamar's "mAAd city" shows off the inescapable duality of the black youth--the one that allows us to be viewed through one set of eyes as the "good" or "safe" kind of black through our personalities or manner of speech, while an entirely different pair could see us as merely gangsters or thugsjust for our clothing choices, even though more often than not we all have similar backgrounds, and any of us could be forced at any time to do less than savory things in order to survive …

Rating the Conferences: Square-Enix

If Sony hadn't taken it, these guys would've gotten the best in show.  Easy.

Rating the Conferences: Nintendo

I definitely wanted this one to be better.

Rating the Conferences: Sony

Uh-oh.  The "big dog" has arrived...

Rating the E3 Conferences: Ubisoft


Rating the Conferences: EA

The second conference of Day 1.  This isn't quite as....light as it should be.

Rating the E3 Conferences: Microsoft

Back with the official "Day One" of E3's conference.  Let's go.

Rating the E3 Conferences: Bethesda

I already did a brief "rating" thing during my livestream earlier in the week, but I think these conferences deserve a bit more of an in-depth look.  These are kinda long so I'll be releasing them in chunks rather than in one mega-article.

Sage's Stray Thoughts 20: The Struggle of Comic Fans

This one kinda got away from me.

2015 E3 Commentary

Transformers: Devastation

....No words.  Should've sent a poet.  Should've sent...Megatron.

E3 Hopes and Expectations Day 13

After a two week ride of pure insanity, what could Day 13 be? 

E3 Hopes and Expecations Day 12

We've only got a few days left before the pre-show conferences begin.  What unbelievable predictions have I got in my hat today?

E3 Hopes and Expectations Day 11

After yesterday, I'm basically in the realm of "get real dude", so let's see what else I can come up with!

E3 Hopes and Expectations Day 10

You'd think the tenth day of this would be far more exciting than what I'm about to present to you.  Unfortunately, that's not quite the case.

Sage's Stray Thoughts: The Pre-E3 Craze, and the Blue Bomber

We're about a week out from E3, the biggest annual game-related conference where all the big publishers get together and decide to show off their major titles for the next year and a half or so.  You can tell because developers have been seemingly unable to shut up for the past week, as announcements and reveals for smaller (and some larger) games just keep pouring out. 

E3 Hopes & Expectations Day 9

This is that part where we get into the highly unlikely thing I was telling you about on day 1.

E3 Hopes & Expectations Day 8

Another title that I'm reasonably certain exists, but it's still fairly sketchy.

E3 Hopes & Expectations Day 7

Another curveball as we get to Day 7.  

E3 Hopes & Expectations Day 6

Here's where we get into some of the more difficult titles.   Now in this case I'm actually fairly sure this will happen but...I don't even have a name for this one so it looks sketchy.

E3 Hopes & Expectations Day 4

An unexpected challenger appears for day four!

E3 Hopes & Expectations Day 3

We're trucking along with day 3 of this E3 Hopes and Expectations list, so I decided to throw you a curveball.

E3 Hopes & Expectations Day 2

I'm back again with day two of my E3 Hopes and Expectations, as this time we talk about the return of a classic J-RPG franchise to its rightful place on consoles.