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Jesus Is A Superhero!

And the second new post!

I'm realizing that even though I've done a lot of yakking on here, there's a lot people don't know about me. Beliefs, political stances...I usually keep my mouth shut about those because religion and politics stir up so much shit. But hey, this place IS where I get to say what I want.

As far as beliefs go, I'm actually Christian. Very Christian. Well. Not "very" in the sense that I'm conservative or fundamental (I stay far away from both those crazy bastards), but "very" in the sense that I believe very firmly that Jesus died for my sins, and that said belief allows me entrance into the Kingdom of Heaven. I do my best to pray nightly and read at least a chapter of the Bible everyday, if not more. Even though I have some peculiar ideas on being Christian, I'm incredibly devout.....nevertheless, I can't help but take note of things sometimes that seem out of place, and when thought about in the right context, ar…