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DC's video games

As I've stated several times in previous columns, I'm both a huge comic book fan and an even more huge DC fan. And as I made clear in the immediately previous entry, I'm also quite the video game fan. And like any other human being on the planet, I like the idea behind Reese's. In other words, when someone combines two great ideas to create an even greater one. (Fusion-HA! ... How many people even get that joke...?)

In fact, a great deal of the games I've been interested in lately have been licensed property games coming from the anime or comic book world. The Naruto: Ultimate Ninja series, DBZ: Budokai Tenkaichi series, Marvel: Ultimate Alliance....the list goes on and on. Sadly though, up until recently DC Comics has mostly refused to participate in the gaming world aside from a few games here and there with DC's single popular "anti-hero" character. (Its in parethesis because he's not really an anti-hero, but explaining that doesn'…

Sony @ E3

As everyone (apparently except me, 'cause I had to look it up yesterday) interested in games knows, this week is the week of E3. Y'know, the week where all the big gaming developers get together and announce to the press (who announce to the public) all the big games for the upcoming year.

This year, I managed to catch Sony's E3 presentation live on G4. (If I could, I'd make a Battleship joke here...) For those who DIDN'T see it...well, honestly? It sounded like damage control more than anything else.

Sony's CEO spent more time telling us how awesome the Playstation brand-name is than he did showing us actual GAMES. On and on about how many units they've sold (we're not your board of directors, man), how "impossible" it is to make the games that are on the PS3 on ANY other system, and Sony's large number of exclusives. Which, actually, would be perfectly fine if Microsoft hadn't totally cockslapped them yesterday with the announ…