Project Otaku Powerlevelling Part 22

Here's what happens when you make the mistake of not completely reading up on a story before you check it out.

I read the first few chapters of Chrome Shelled Regios about a year before the anime announcement. It had potential as a series that was part-fantasy, part-fighting, but since I couldn't get any further with the manga, I just dropped it.

When I began watching the anime, it threw me off guard to see the staunch differences. Post apocalyptic now but still mixing in school drama, my interest in this series drained.

As the story developed, it grew less interesting. There's a nonsensical prequel that's interspersed randomly in each episode, that's not only never really explained, but in Engrish so it's hard to understand. Like Yozakura Quartet, you get the sense that there's a more fleshed out universe in a different adaptation, we just never get a chance to see it because the series itself doesn't know whether to adapt the manga or the light novel. In the end, it's another series that loses to Japan's strange desire to burn their way through remotely adaptable properties and turning them into forgettable anime.


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