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Bottom of the Pile: Jul. 1st, 2014

JiH's longest-running column returns. 

For Doom to have "crowned" barons of each realm, it sure seems as if each one's hold on their power is just as, if not more precarious, as it would be on the real world.   Also, it seems like the ladies of A-Force just can't stay out of trouble.  After losing junior member Miss America during what should've been a standard "stop the giant monster wrecking the city" mission, they're right back to crossing the barriers between realms.

Still and all, the novelty of seeing all the major lady heroes of the Marvel Universe hasn't worn off and likely won't, which means I can keep my hype for the inevitable re-launch of this book during Marvel October.

Amazing Spider-Man: Spiral Mr. Negative displaying some actual common sense--something that would probably crack most of the secret identities left if used in more stories.   "How do you know who I am?!"  "Motherfucker, I gave you this r…