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Battle Rap Wednesdays: Anubis vs. HA Double

Real talk, I keep trying to watch these Summer Madness battles but the way SMACK set them up makes it impossible.  Pretty much a waste of time to even sit through them, but I'll get to that later.  SMACK still managed to drop a classic between Michigan's Anubis and New Orleans' HA Double.  I can't really call this battle, but damn...Anubis dropped SO many geek references (including a whole scheme about Dragonball Z) that I'm just giving it to him by default.

Anyway, if you a fan of SMACK, at this point you're wasting your time to watch anything but Proving Ground match-ups right now.  Damn near all of them have been insane.

Bottom of the Pile: Oct. 16th, 2013

Avengers 21 The Avengers' epic battle against the Builders finally comes to an end, as the formerly out-of-action Captain Universe awakens to save the universe in its hour of need.  In a nutshell, that's how Avengers 21 plays out, and I'd be lying if I didn't say I wasn't disappointed. The Thanos plot in the main Infinity story just never felt anywhere near as strong or as wide-reaching as the Builders subplot, so to see it come to an end so soon and so suddenly is a little saddening.  The story is missing those big, epic set-piece moments that make a reader's jaw-drop like in the classics Annihilation, Conquest, or War of Kings.  
What's saved it mostly is that its pretty much just a prologue to Jonathan's Avengers epic, a story I'm still curious to see the full scope of, as we head into Avengers World.  But at some point for this epic to truly work they're going to have to slow down enough to make those epic moments happen, or this will end up…

Fall Anime First Impressions

Sekai de Ichiban Tsuyoku ni Naritai! (I Want To Be The Strongest In The World):  It's been two weeks since I saw episode one of this, and I'm STILL not sure what the hell I was expecting when I decided to watch this.  I guess I thought the world of puroresu (Pro Wrestling) would be more interesting if it involved a ton of attractive women.  What I got (and should've expected) was so much fanservice it was damn near a hentai, and moaning fit for the very best porn vids.

Battle Rap Thursday: Real Deal vs. Rone

Yeah yeah, I know I'm late.  I was busy watching the Battle of the Bay 6 bouts, most of which are pretty freaking good, and I forgot about Bad Soundcheck 4, while SMACK pretty much forgot he was running a business and is too busy making blogs apparently.  Because that's what's hot in the streets.

Bottom of the Pile: Oct 9th, 2013

Astro City 5

Any week in which Astro City comes out is a good one.  No other comic series displays this much love for superheroes and continuity despite remaining accessible and interesting month in and month out.  This month we revisit the Broken Man; introduced in episode 1, the Broken Man has been our guide into the latest volume of Astro City, telling us about goings on both old and new since our last visit.   Obsessed with a far-reaching conspiracy theory, the last page of issue 1 showed us that the Broken Man could just be like those whackjobs who see triangles and immediately think Illuminati.

Well now Kurt is doubling back on us and showing that there may be more to the Broken Man's accusations about what's really going on than we thought, with a lovely story that plays with traditional narration techniques to tell us readers that there's definitely something fishy going on in the world of Astro City, though exactly what it is remains to be seen.  All-in-all though…

Kamen Rider Gaim First Impressions

So yeah.This finally happened.My friends and I spent about two or three months cracking wise about this break-dancin', sword-slashin', fruit-lovin' crime-fighter, but now that its out, it's not so bad.

What I Liked: 
- The Fruit: I know, right?!Like I said, my friends and I had a billion jokes about Kamen Rider Toucan Sam, but in the end I actually liked the way they implemented it.While in theory not really much weirder than USB memories or say...grasshoppers, in practice, using fruit as a major theme for Kamen Rider Gaim was weird, and most everyone thought so.The reason why I liked it is because the writers let us know from the moment they were introduced that this isn't normal.
The Lock Seeds themselves are seen as mysterious, strange objects that came from nowhere, and anyone who actually, y'know, thinks about it for longer than 3 seconds knows it.And later, when they get transferred to the dimension where the Lock Seeds come from, it's presented as this …

Battle Rap Wednesdays: Sno vs. Ty Law

This battle is NOT the new JC vs. Chilla Jones.  Ty Law was consistent but not super impressive, and Sno's first is INSANE but his second is just okay and his third is forgettable.  Still better than most of those fucking NOME 3 battles.

Favorite Line: "You 0 and 12 (owing 12) like that Swave Sevah and Head Ice bet." (Ty Law) 

" 'Cause I don't care about X losing to Goodz, Calicoe getting killed, or that Lux ate Miles (8 mile)--if you find yourself in front of that white boy from Michigan?  It ain't Marshall, Law.  You gon' see so much firing going on, you gon need more than the fire marshall, Law!  My soldiers will run in your shit like the Martial Law!/They gon be like this white boy's flipping when he brought this tech in (Tekken) and bullets started kicking like Marshall Law!"  (Sno)

That scheme (and the In Law/Out Law) shit was fucking bananas.  At this point, I really just want to know what they feed the boys from Pontiac to create b…

Because the Internet

Briefly I saw the name of this project and thought Donald Glover was going to be fucking around.  And then I pressed play on this freestyle.  It's nice to be wrong.

After what most of his hardcore fanbase thought was a creative mis-step with his mixtape Royalty, I was actually left pretty excited.  I thought Royalty was what a mixtape should be: stretching one's creative muscles and experimenting before getting refocused for your next album. 

From what I heard with Centipede and with this freestyle, that's exactly what he's done.  He got that Li'l Wayne/Kanye out of his flow and came up with something that's uniquely his own and he's sounds a lot more comfortable on the mic.   And if the beat he had on this is any indication of what he's got planned for the album, the music is going to sound fucking amazing.

To me Childish Gambino is one of the most interesting rappers in the game right now, and he's still got a ton of potential left untapped.  I c…