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Comic-Con 2008

Okay, this was supposed to be done two weeks ago, the last day of Comic-Con, but my computer froze up on me and I hadn't saved this so I lost it all. I was pretty annoyed (and sad) about it, so I didn't bother to rewrite it until just now. After all, I DO need my first entry for August.

Anyways. I'm not much for conventions, of any type. And I know, I know. I'm a huge nerd so naturally I'm supposed to be interested in that, but meh. I just can't muster the energy to care about them. The only thing that does matter are the announcements that come from comic conventions concerning future projects. Now that I care about. And seeing as how the San Diego Comic-Con is the biggest comic convention of the year, there was plenty of stuff announced for me to get excited about. Which leads me to the point of this list--the top ten things announce at the SDCC I'm most excited about.

1) New Krypton - In October, two of my absolute favorite writers team up to cra…