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Toku from Korea? Hm...this could be interesting...

By now, you've surely figured out I'm a huge fan of Tokusatsu. Kamen Rider, Super Sentai, Ultraman, Henshin Hero, I love it all. (Though, oddly enough, its most popular sub-genre, Kaiju, NEVER struck any kind of chords with me...)

The standards, of course, are Kamen Rider and Super Sentai. They're the most famous, and unlike most other series, tend to come out every year. I love them both (lean towards Riders a bit more though), but its always nice when an independent company will release a brand-new series, even if it only lasts a year.

The most recent "independent" Tokusatsu series to be announced (but not released yet) is SFX Fantasy Rayforce (Shigong Chongi Rayforce), from South Korea. I'd rather keep the introduction short so you can get right to the trailer, then I'll talk about it afterwards, so with no further yakking on my part...

....Freaking awesome. Right? Right? The suits were very well-done, which of course is always the first step. If y…

Song of the Day - Jamie Foxx: Rainman

Little more R&B for you. This one's for anyone dealing with a heartbreak right now. Personally, I think he (or she) wasn't really worth it (I don't necessarily know them, but--that's usually how it goes), but until you figure that out, vibe to the smooth, cool sounds of Jamie Foxx.

...Who, to me, is STILL the only nigga who's released a decent R&B album all this year. ...And his shit came out last December! Even Joe's album was only average, and All The Things was my song back in the day. Case too! Happily Ever After is STILL the ultimate wedding song, and all these years later, Faded Pictures is still my favorite R&B song of all time, but the only track off his new CD that was any good was Lovely, which: A.) Is the SECOND track on the album, so its all downhill from there, and B.) Sounds almost EXACTLY like Happily Ever After.

They tell me Avant's album is cold, but I don't know...I'm losing faith. People wouldn't shut up abou…

Music Video of the Day - Marques Houston: A Case of You

I'm on CPT (Colored People Time) with this update, but between moving in and sleeping, I hadn't really thought about the Music and Song updates. Sorry folks. Truth be told, this update is kind of a surprise to me.

I had no intentions of coming here today, but while I was listening to Foxxhole from a few weeks ago, they brought on Marques Houston. Now the last time I seen this dude, he was in the R&B group IMX (because when you get in your twenties you can't just run around calling yourself "Immature"--you can't just invite folks to clown on you like that) singing 'bout his First Time. Had all the kids in my seventh grade History class (somehow I got stuck with all the niggas) singing that shit.

But that was a good six or seven years ago--personally I thought since then dude had fell off like a loose Halloween mask.

...But I guess not, 'cause at the end they played this song here, called A Case of You. I've been known to post a lot of R&…

Home Is Where You Make It

*blinks, checks the date* Its been THAT long since I updated JiH? Whoa. I apologize, folks. But, for once, something actually HAPPENED in my life. 'Course, stuff happens in people's lives all the time, but rarely is it worth really talking about--unless you're one of those Twitter-addicts who has to tell everyone when you bleed the lizard. (I kinda hate Twitter, but I HAVE found use for it. If you're a fan of "...That is SO wrong." humor? Check out @TheCoreyHolcomb and thank me later.)

Anyhow. I thought about giving this place an update several times, but honestly I just did not feel up to it. I apologize for that, as I like to keep this thing up to date, at least for the Song and Music Video of the Day. (Retroactive updates are coming, but they're not the same.)

The reason for my absence, is that, basically, I've moved. Quite the coincedence, since I went through such a hassle to move earlier this year with my girlfriend, but that didn't…