Duel of the Music Queens Part Two: IMPACT EXCITER's Mysterion vs. i-magination's Wagamama no Chou

[LIVE - MUSIC JAPAN] Mysterion - Nana Mizuki por ildsdmais no Videolog.tv.

Mysterion: Whoa...someone went and dug out their leather pants and vest with their electric guitar and found themselves an edge. This song has a much harder sound to it than Next Arcadia. It should be jarring, except it's REALLY good. And the reason I love Nana Mizuki is because she switches sub-genres so effortlessly.

Seriously, I really love the guitar on this song. Without that driving bassline, her verses would fall apart. What's weird is the chorus, though. She's singing just slightly off-key, but in such a melodic way it actually fits with the song. Creative. It's not on the scale of Next Arcadia, but then I enjoy upbeat stuff generally. Fantastic song nonetheless.

Wagamama no Chou: This one's a little experimental, even for Okui-sama. I'm used to the guitar, but I have no idea where it's going. That's good, as no artist should ever be predictable, but it's...different.

Honestly it's kind of like one of her ballads, except a lot more peppy and energetic. (Complete with guitar and drums.) I think I like Mysterion quite a bit more though. Make no mistake--by itself this is a great song--just in comparison it doesn't quite make it. I enjoyed the little "Aaahh" part though (best way I can describe it)--gave the song a softer feel.


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