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Song of the Week: DJ Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince: Girlie Had a Mustache

So many these days aren't up on their hip-hop history. Before Hancock, MiB, or even Indepedence Day, Will Smith was on Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

Before THAT? He WAS The Fresh Prince, kicking rhymes with the dope DJ Jazzy Jeff. The two released four solid albums. They weren't gangsta. They weren't conscious. But they were funny, and I'm down with that.

The Girlie Had a Mustache ain't the funniest cut they have, but, you can't deny its humor.

Music Video of the Week: Kamiki Aya w/Tatsuya - W-B-X ~ W-Boiled Extreme ~

Late with the video of the week this time. Still. Its up, and its Toku-related again. This time its Kamen Rider W's OP's Promotional Vid.

At some point I'll express my ridiculous level of love for Kamen Rider W, but for now enjoy the vid. (With the show's actors--Seiji Takaiwa included--as guests!)

Song of the Week: Nana Mizuki - Brave Phoenix

Nana Mizuki for the win. I've been getting into Nanoha lately along with a friend of mine, and its been absolutely amazing.

A universe where people actually LISTEN to me when I tell them not to do something stupid? It was eerie at first.

Seriously though, words cannot express just how much I love the Nanoha universe...but sometime in the near future I'll be talking about it anyway. In the meantime...

Music Video of the Week: m-flo loves Emi Hinouchi & Ryohei: Summer Time Love

Man, I love me some m-flo. I love 'em so much, even though its nothing LIKE summer (unless you live in Miami), I'm hooking you up with this m-flo, melody. & Ryohei collab. Think warm thoughts. :D

If that doesn't work, well...Emi's beauty should take your mind off the cold.

For the record, Ryohei has one of the smoothest voices East or West, no joke. His first album, Take Over is one of my favorite music albums, on some Quiet Storm ish, heh.

Code Geass Season 3

The power of Zero returns! Everyone's favorite beamspam mecha melodrama has come back for a new series. Who's excited?

So here's the thing. I'm not really a fan of Code Geass. Obviously I was at one point, but then I actually finished R2,

Warning: This will be spoiler-filled. I'm saying this now, so you can leave if you've not watched CG, but intend to.

The entire series wholly fell apart in R2. I didn't mind so much the beamspam mecha (never do--kiddies, giant robots will NEVER BE REAL, so stop fapping over grunt suits), but the plot made my head hurt.

In Season 1, Lelouch was a mad genius. Facing overwhelming odds and trying to beat a kingdom that had conquered most of the planet with only a ragtag band of resistance troops who, before he'd met them, were bound for nothing more than fast trips to the graveyard, that over the course of the series he managed to whip them into shape and create a unique militia force that very nearly won bac…

Music Video of the Week - Toku MV - I Will Not Lose

JiH's MV of the Day is back, though altered. We're kicking it off real early in 2010, as I bring you a random video I managed to catch while visiting a H.O.N.'s forum.

Not really sure if its due to the fact that the rise of AMVs/Youtube occurred during the 56k years, or if they picked boring anime, but I never cared for AMVs. My other friends who're into anime got into rock by watching them, but as I was already into rock music, that wasn't the draw they believed it was.

This particular TMV is for the Toku Heroes of 2009. That makes it especially peculiar since, by and large, Toku in 2009 sucked. I came to truly dislike Decade for reasons I haven't decided whether or not to discuss here, I thought Dragon Knight was silly and if Power Rangers wants to pull me in, going Darker and Edgier is NOT the way to pull that off. (Its not more mature. Its what people who believe they're mature do.) The two series I DID like, Shinkenger & W, were fantastic--but …

'10 Sentai Wishlist: Ten Things I Want To See From Sentai 2010-2019

Sigh. '10 Sentai reads just plain poorly. That said, can anyone think of a better term to describe the 2010-2019 decade? If you can, please tell me what it is. I'll edit any future articles to swap out the relevant words.

*sighs* I digress. With Feburary just weeks off, and Samurai Sentai Shinkenger just about over, images and information for the next show has started slipping out in magazines and such. The new series will be known as Tensou Sentai Goseiger, and though we've yet to see images featuring the main villain group, the actors playing the characters, or the scale-size robo, there's still quite a bit to look at.

...To be totally fair, I don't so much mind the costumes. They're reminiscent of 1983's Kagaku Sentai Dynaman, and while they're not nearly as well thought-out or cool as the Shinkengers, they're pretty cool anyway. That pose, though....I have to say, poses are usually somewhat of a big deal for me. There are tropes present …

Jumping in Headfirst: Year Three

With January here now, this means Jumping in Headfirst is quickly approaching its third year on the web. I'm not entirely sure what that's supposed to mean, besides my being another opinionated arse on the internet, like all the other people with a weblog.

However JiH has changed, and its owner has changed as well. Over 2009, I've added several new columns, a lot of which, sadly, only received 1 or two entries in 2009.

For myself, it was a really big year. I had my fifth relationship crash and burn in amusingly tragic fashion, and though there's quite a bit left to say, any sufficient analysis of the relationship would come off as bitter grapes since it was her that dumped me...that having been said...Jess? I think you were right, and I'm somewhat annoyed at you for being so.

Ah well. Of much more importance than the latest in my "ain't gonna make it" series of relationships, I've moved! After nearly sixteen years of living in the country (t…