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Song of the Week - Talib Kweli ft. Freddie Gibbs & Jon Connor

No videos, just a song.  I've been hearing about Freddie Gibbs for a long time but I'd never heard him on a track until just now.  Dude is nice, and the whole track is dope.  Addicted to the beat.

Calendar of Cool April Spotlight: Injustice - Gods Among Us

Something I wished would happen two years ago (in my Gaming Coast to Coast post) has finally come to past: NetherRealm is creating a game with the same Mortal Kombat-esque storytelling but using characters I actually like.  Utilizing DC's extensive library, Injustice: Gods Among Us is a multi-platform 2.5D fighting game that promises a plethora of DC's most famous heroes and villains and an extensive story mode much like the one seen two years ago in Mortal Kombat 9.

Now, admittedly there's way more Batman characters than there should be (they take up 1/4th of the currently known roster), and DC's library is so huge that its nigh-impossible to get everyone cool in the game, but I'm still excited to see what NetherRealm can come up with for DC's first fighter in nearly two decades.  A demo comes out on PSN and XBLA April 2nd, but the game itself drops two weeks later on April 16th.  Until then, check out the story trailer below.

The Pointe Crew Episode 10: Road to Wrestlemania

Damn, I find it hard to believe we're at 10 already.  That's, a thing. 

Now.  Let's get something straight, rather quickly.   I'm not a wrestling fan.  But, since nearly ALL of my friends are, I thought it would be good if we did a show devoted to that as well as the stuff I care about.   And, since it's all apart of the Pointe Crew it's all going to go up here. 

So if you're a fan of wrestling, watch.  If not, there's a comic book focused one coming out later this weekend.

Calendar of Cool Spotlight: Doctor Who

Everyone's favorite time-traveler returns this weekend, complete with new companion Clara Oswald (played by the stunningly gorgeous and talented Jenna-Louise Coleman).  I'm looking forward to seeing how their dynamic develops as we get another companion that seems to be the Doctor's equal (in cleverness if not intelligence)--something we haven't had in my opinion since Martha.  (Rose was an idiot, Donna was...Donna, Amy was fiery and Rory was Concentrated Awesome, but rarely all that clever.)  

The BBC has a promo up for the next episode, The Bells of Saint John.  The Doctor seems to be full of his usual outrage at the bad guys and Moffat seems to have cooked up another creepy episode that most people won't want to watch at night.

Of course, the episode airs on BBC America at 8PM EST/7PM CST so uh...remember to set your DVRs if you're jumpy.

Battle Rap Wednesdays: O-Red vs. T-Rex

I debated putting this up (I actually couldn't think of anything to post last week, so apologies for that) because it was kinda eh with some decent lines between both battlers, but then they got to the third round. 

A lot of times, when I watch battlers, I notice they do this strange thing where they really aren't rapping so much as reciting, with a lot of pauses to wait on the crowd's reaction.  It creates a situation where you can't grade them on flow because, in my opinion, their flow is non-existent.  T-Rex eschews typical battle rapper behavior in round 3 and goes all in, barely stopping to take a breath as he spits bar after bar of some of the coldest gangster rap shit I've heard in a battle before.

...And then O-Red dismantles it all with his third, exposing everything from Rex's career (the "when they say give snitches the one that's giving 'em" line had me crying) to all the gangster things Rex claims he's done.  It…

Music Video of the Week: DFD - Huell Howser

Had to Google "Huell Howser" to find out who the fuck he was to get the reference, but I didn't need that to know this was a dope song.  Seriously DFD just keeps improving--Old Boy Jon is the only decent album I've heard this year.   Now if I could just get a video for W$STSDE...

The Pointe Crew: Anime Edition

It occurs to me that I should probably post these things on my site a lot more often than I do.

Battle Rap Wednesday: Head ICE vs. Swave Sevah

To be honest, I wasn't super super impressed with HeadICE when he battled Pat Stay.  He was cool, but Pat Stay was hilarious and had better punchlines.   But I stand corrected, as ICE is actually fucking hysterical.  I see why Loaded Lux put him on.

"I love her home fries, I love I love her home fries..."  Priceless.

Music Video of the Week: m-flo - Love Don't Cry

I hear a new m-flo album is dropping on March 13th, called NEVEN.  Should be interesting.

Battle Rap Wednesdays: Caustic vs. John John Da Don

There's a Caustic vs. JC battle happening soon.  JC's one of my favorite battle rappers in terms of ability and style, so I thought it was relevant to see what would Caustic was like.

All hater BS aside, it turns out he's pretty nice.  I hope they both put on a performance that equals JC vs. Chilla Jones.

Thanks Internet 3: Angelic Noir's Random J-Drama Sunday

Thanks Internet (For Not Sucking), was a column I started in like...2010 to basically off-set the immense amount of pure garbage the internet is responsible for (internet memes, the comment sections of any website) with some of the awesome, creative, cool shit it occasionally manages to give it's faithful users.

...And, like most columns I started, I sort of forgot about it, even though there are a ton of cool things I've found since I did it those years ago.   It didn't occur to me to bring it back until I realized a friend of mine was doing a really awesome thing and I hadn't given it the props it deserved on JiH.  So, here we go!

Aside from having one of the coolest names I've heard on the internet (aside from my own), Angelic Noir is a friend of mine I met on the Henshin Justice Unlimited forums, who decided to start her own YouTube channel devoted to reviewing/discussing some of the better J-Drama she ran across.  She found a partner in fellow HJU member Blade…

The Pointe Crew: An Experiment in Hilarity

The Pointe Crew is a product of me and my friends sitting down one too many times, having ridiculous conversations and then randomly going "Why aren't we filming this?!"  Originally I wanted to just have a solo channel, but I've seen a lot of those and to be honest they're usually boring, particularly when they discuss the geeky shit that my friends and I get into.

So, here's the deal.  (At least) once a week, my friends and I will release one of these.  We're all experts in different fields (or at the very least, smart enough about a subject to do a video about it), so each video will be about something different.  We've agreed to cover gaming, wrestling, anime, comic books, and tokusatsu so far.  The list is open to grow, and there will be a variety of people in each episode.   Hopefully we'll avoid the pitfalls a lot of geek video casts fall into and you'll find it enjoyable--we have a great enough time doing them.  So without further adieu…