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Bottom of the Pile: Oct. 21st, 2015

1872 If you can't guess what happens, Fisk is killed on the next page.  This is actually pretty frustrating, as a storyteller.  This whole story was meant to be about how righteous people have to live within the law--even when it'd be more convenient for them not to.  Steve Rogers, "A Good Man", literally dies for this ideal.  Red Wolf actually has the chance to kill him but changes his mind because he learned the value of working for an ideal, and what's good and just rather than placing himself above the law...only for Natasha to just pop up and go "lol fuck that".  And Red Wolf's cool with it, which is the really maddening part.  If the point is to set up that these two are on the same side but won't always get along due to a difference in ideology, I get it.  But if its just "I could have done that", then it raises the question of why didn't Red Wolf just put a bullet in him to begin with. 

Either way, 1872's ending sets u…

Bottom of the Pile: Oct. 14th, 2015

Sorry about this being late.

Arrow Five Point Review: The Candidate

It worked for Flash (sorta), now let's see Arrow.

Flash Five-Point Review: Flash of Two Worlds

I'm about to try something.  Let's see if it sticks.

On Jay Garrick:  The shadowy character from the end of season one stands revealed.  Of course, longtime comic fans already know who this is, but the writers found a concise enough method of introducing him, Earth 2, and the multiverse in forty minutes.  It's also good that the show didn't immediately segue Jay into the "mentor" role.  Certainly, it's the ultimate place for him, but it's flat out illogical for Barry to accept a new "mentor" after recently learning the last guy who tried to help him be a better Flash was not only a traitor, but the person who murdered his mother and irrevocably altered the course of his life forever.  Having said that, Jay's "But I'm not him" line when Barry confessed all of that to him was great--it's the kind of directness that fits someone of his years/experience perfectly, and gave viewers a perfect summation of the direction of his …

Bottom of the Pile: Oct. 7th, 2015

Even though Secret Wars is still ongoing, Marvel October can't be stopped!   Let's see what things look like (another) eight months into the future over at the House of Ideas, along with what's going on in the world of Batman, DC's newest character with an ongoing Telos, and more!

Flash "The Man Who Saved Central City" Review

The second season of the Flash hit the ground running (pun not intended), as it tied up the monster cliffhanger of the first season, introduced a brand-new villain in the form of Atom Smasher (played by WWE veteran Adam "Edge" Copeland), and started us off with what will become the major conflict for this season.  It's not a bad start--it actually accomplished far more than what one normally expects of a season opener.

The episode begins with Flash absolutely trouncing Captain Cold and Heat Wave, two of his fiercest rivals from the last season, only to reveal itself as an elaborate dream sequence.  In the interrim of Flash saving the city from the singularity that threatened the entire planet at the end of season one, "Team Flash" seems to have disbanded.  I think if I had one main problem with an episode that I mostly loved, it'd be that there was too neat of a bow placed on the end of season one.  To help close the singularity, Firestorm split apart in t…