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Sage's Stray Thoughts 21: Batgirling? Seriously?

And here we are again.

Bottom of the Pile - Aug. 19th, 2015

And we return again.
Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows And so we learn the true purpose of the Regent doing all this power stealing: he's trying to gain enough power to defeat "god Doom". 

A few thoughts about all these spin-offs: most of the parts of "Battleworld" have major..."issues" in one way or another.  They're war-torn, or conquered and being ruled by some overbearing despot, or just contain such hostile environments that anything other than "survival" is a luxury goal. A couple months ago I theorized that Doom picked specific worlds, and the more I read from these mini-series the more sure I become about that.   Most of these worlds are far too disorganized to even notice Doom, let alone attempt to fight the guy.

Even in the case of guys like these or Future Imperfect's Maestro?  They're vastly overestimating their own abilities and vastly underestimating Doom's, and so any attempts to try and overthrow him, espec…

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