Duel of the Music Queens Match Four: IMPACT EXCITER's Young Alive vs. i-magination's Jounetsu no Counter

Young Alive!: Hm. This may be more of a ballad...oh, nevermind. Very cheery song, which fits, given the title, actually. Another song in which I'm loving her willingness to try different pacing to match up with her song.

It actually sounds like an mid-career Masami Okui song, with the upbeat guitar solo near the end. I don't have much to say on this one, as this is one of those songs that you really enjoy, but there's nothing specifically stand out-ish about it? (Other than it'd be awesome to have this as Vivid's Opening theme.)

Jounetsu no Counter: Oooh. This one has an opening like a dance track. Sounds like Red, except with a bassline. I love Lute playing in the background (thank my friend for that--I did NOT know the name of that instrument), and while I guess for some people it might be a weird track to dance to, I couldn't stop moving.

My second favorite song on the album, and probably one of my favorite Masami Okui songs of all time. (Next to Key, Naritai, Process, Bay Side Love Story, I was born to fall in love, Love is Fire, Mask, Senjou no Madonna, Reincarnation, Live Alone, Beats the Band, endless life, Souda Zettai, Niji no You ni, Naked Mind, A & C, I can't, Spicy Essence, Koishimasho Nebarimasho, Kiss in the Dark, In This Arm, Truth, Rinbu Revolution.....the list goes on....)


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