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Battle Rap Wednesday: Illmaculate vs. Bigg K

Battle of the Bay 6 continues being relevant.  SMACK continues to holler "BARS OVA NAMES!" seven times just because somebody said a hot bar in the middle of a choke.  

That's a cheap shot, but I'm just continuously shocked by how good the BOTB6 battles have been in comparison to every other event this year.  They've got the "names", they've got the young guns, they've got good crowds, great sound, and most importantly: the fucking bars.   It's a full package and if you're a rap fan I can't see how you'd watch any other battles before watching one from this event first. 

This week's battle is another joint where both emcees are excellent and on their A game to such an extent that it really comes down to preference.  The only round I can concretely give to either rapper is Illmac winning round 3.  Other than that I don't really care how you score it.  There's jokes, schemes and punchlines for days in this battle, and i…

Battle Rap Wednesdays: Aye Verb vs. Dizaster

First thing's first: Battle of the Bay 6 is the battle rap card fans have been waiting for all year.  WD4 had shit sound issues.  NOME3 was garbage.  And SM3 had the worst crowd I've ever fucking seen.  (That's why O-Red vs. Big T won't ever be on this site despite my being a pretty big O-Red fan.  Well, that and this.)   But I saw like five or six of the BOTB 6 matches and all of them were the shit.

As usual, Organik kicks it off with one of the most anticipated match-ups: Aye Verb vs. Dizaster.  The battle is debatable based on a couple factors:

- Where you stand on the "bars vs. jokes" shit.  If you're a fan of bars, Aye Verb verbally (hah) destroys Diz in Round 1, and you've pretty much got to give it to him because the first half of Diz's rounds is a bunch of corny perm jokes.   If you like jokes though, Dizaster wins hands down because while the jokes are tired they're still chuckle-worthy.

- How you feel about Dizaster and his rap styl…

We won't be initimidated by criminal threats...

You ever realize there are some facts about yourself that just set you apart from other people, but in a hilariously weird way?

Yeah, for me, one of the things would be that I honestly think one of the main turning points in my life from child to adulthood, was the day they moved Toonami from weekdays to weekends.  It sounds crazy, but I shall endeavor to explain.

See, I remember when the first Toonami aired back in like, 1997.  I wasn't even ten years old yet.  Cartoon Network had gone from block to block in search of that one, magical afternoon block that would finally catch the eyes of the kids coming home from school.  It wasn't until Williams Street put together a block with the same personality Cartoon Network brought to the rest of its network that things finally took off.

...But to be honest, I fucking hated the first airing of Toonami.  [*shocked gasp*] all you want, but how many of you saw it?  There was no Yu Yu Hakusho.  No Gundam Wing.  No Tenchi Muyo.  No Ronin W…

Bottom of the Pile: Oct. 20th, 2013

This is late, so I apologize, becomes more annoying the longer you take it.  Anyway.

Aquaman 24

One of my biggest problems with Geoff Johns lately doesn't quite match up with the problems other fanboys have with him.  The guy appears to be full of ideas on what to do with each character in the DC Universe--so full, in fact, that he pings about from character to character, unearthing a well of potential in them before moving on without ever really tapping into it.  Aquaman is yet another unfortunate instance of this problem--after helping the character outsell every Marvel book on the stands for not one, but two months, issue 24 is where Geoff finally shows us the key idea behind his plans for the character...and after issue 25 he's off the book.    It's really a shame as with this issue all the plot points were coming together for the character and I could finally see things heading in an interesting direction that would help to elevate the character for good. …