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Sage's Stray Thoughts 12: Incursions on Infinite Earths

I've never seen such a brilliant idea so poorly explained.  I watched a 20 minute video and this image explained it all better, somehow.

Bottom of the Pile: Jan. 14th, 2015

Amazing X-Men
This is why you don't let the swashbuckling adventurer lead your team.  Dude's all "But, adventure...!" and you're trying to stop the coming of a god bent on death and destruction.   The goal here is to have a boring day, not an exciting one.

Sage's Stray Thoughts 11: The New Superhero

This article probably isn't about what you think it is, but you should click on it and read about it anyway.

Bottom of the Pile: Jan. 7th, 2015

A little short, this one.

Amazing Spider-Man Still probably the safest team since they're working with the cartoon Spidey.  Also, is that a Spider-Man version of Speed Buggy? 

2014 Favorites: Music Part 2

Yeah, this took a lot longer to get back to than I wanted.  But here's the next nine.

2014 Favorites: Music Part 1

Presented without any particular order in mind, the first part of a five part series featuring my favorite songs of 2014.

2014 Favorites: Anime

The Best of 2014 continues with a look at some of the top-tier anime series that came out last year.

2014 Favorites: Video Games

We're at the dawn of a new year, so let's do a teensy bit of reflection on the past before we toss it all aside for the future.  I'll be making this into as regular of a series as I can on JiH for the first few days of 2014, so be on the lookout for them. 

Let's start with gaming.  Although I was pretty exasperated with the medium as a whole last year, they still managed to churn out quite a few gems that I was excited to get my hands on.