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The Shuffle - Ganghis Khan - PARKER

Ganghis Khan is one of my favorite song's off PARKER's (the artist formerly known as Dumbfoundead) last album, Old Boy Jon.   His signature flow and wordplay are both put on display and set against a baseline that's murderous.  To see a video for this has me hyped like no one else's business, but I'd be lying if I said I expected something like this.   Much less "violent gang running the streets of K-Town" and much more drug trippy, but I still dig it.

Battle Rap Wednesdays - Goodz vs. Danja Zone

"All that name flippin', bar after bar but they ain't hittin'/Me? I shoot straight to the point, our aim different./Where's the charisma at?  That was today's lesson./Matter of fact you rappers shoulda caught me at Christmas, I was giving out Stage Presence."
Those couple bars explain the difference here.  If you're REALLY about bars over bullshit or whatever it is battle rap fans use these days, then you'll say Danja killed Goodz.   But he had no charisma, no real haymakers, and like Goodz said--not all that much stage presence.  Jayblac called it--he said Goodz would swag on Danja, and that's pretty much what happened.   It's all good though--this was Danja's second battle in the same weekend.  Or first.  Whatever.  Point is he battled twice in two days.  That shit is impressive.

First Impressions: Ressha Sentai Tokkyuger

First things first, with the "official spelling"?  I can't, with Japan sometimes.  I'll let Engrish go but first Konmai was telling me "Xyz" is pronounced "ik-seez", now Toei is making stupid puns regarding the English alphabet.  No thank you.  Now onto the actual article.