Project Otaku Powerlevelling Part 20

It is rare to find an anime with so much potential that is completely wasted, in my eyes.

More often than not, when a certain anime sucks it simply is not surprising. I look at the premise and am disinterested, or it is an adaptation of something that's only one to two volumes old and the material is just not developed enough.

That said, usually somewhere in a series that I DO find interesting is that certain something that makes it worth your time, if not a work of art. So as said, it's rare when I find a show which I DO think can be good, end up being terrible.

Such is the case with UFO Princess Valkyrie. Before I'd watched the series and started, I did not expect too much from it. The description sounded interesting, but I've seen series before that have alien characters come out of nowhere, and they are not usually that good. It was not until I saw how they were playing the series itself that I grew interested.

It takes place on an Earth that is post-interstellar space travel, to the extent that humans can not only leave Earth, but travel to planets as if they were flying a plane. This level of progression in the human race in a story is almost unheard of--this is even more true when the same story introduces aliens. That spark of originality gave me hope Valkyrie could be more than just another moe series.

...Imagine my surprise when we find out that the primary focus of this story, is the main male and his eight year old/twenty-plus year old "wife", who transforms to deal with the Threat of the Episode, EVERY episode. That's not only repetitive, it's disappointing. Insulting when every episode teases you with other races, and alien technology. It's like the potential is waving at you every episode, but they're purposely not doing anything with it because THAT WOULD BE HARD.

This series epitomizes mediocre. There are other seasons, but I literally crossed all them all my list and replaced them after finishing this one. Blah. I want to watch Asobi ni Iku yo again to clear my mind of this crap, just thinking about it.


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