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My brain just shut down...

I have absolutely no amusing title to open with. No big, huge commentary to make. I've been meaning to talk about DC's latest event, Flashpoint, and what I hoped would come from it...

But it looks like DC beat me to the punch. A complete renumbering of the entire DC Universe line. Then simultaneously announcing day and date releases for...their entire DC Universe line.

I'm going to need more information to understand exactly where this is going, and how much I care. It sounds like a total reset...but no one's SAID that. Just renumbering. In the future we'll be told more about what all this means, but right now? I'm, still in complete and total shock.

I think Action Comics and Detective Comics should stay @ their-so-close-to-1000-you-could-sneeze numbers, but other than that? I approve, DC.

Best PS3 title I've seen in years...

And it's from the PSP? *sighs*

Oh well. For those who haven't heard--the newest project Sony is working on is called the PSP Remaster, which will be a series of titles on Sony's portable console being ported to the PS3. Each game will be released on Blu-ray disc, rendered in HD graphics and given full DualShock 3 controls.

Check out one of the first titles to be remastered, MHP3rd:

For me, the Remaster series has the potential to be one of the coolest things I've seen as a gamer since the PS1. The truth is, today's next-gen games generally bore me to tears. And while the DS and PSP have both had great games to come out for them, I usually prefer my console over anything else, and the gorgeous visuals that come with them. Annoyed as I was to see Lunar redone for the PSP, if I saw one of my most favorite universes EVER rendered in HD, I'd probably plotz.

Here's some of the titles I hope we get to see Remastered (and brought to America):

Star Ocean: First D…

GoukaiSilver Debut

As Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger edges closer to finishing the first third of it's series, everyone's attention is taken off the main cast and to the inevitable appearance of the new warrior adding himself to the team's ranks, the sixth team member--GoukaiSilver. Admittedly, this has been one of the most poorly kept secrets in Toku in years, with the character having been confirmed at least since the first episode aired back in February. Even his power-up mode, and the fact that said power-up would have all the previous extra Senshi's helmets on the chest, was confirmed ages ago.

Yeah. I didn't get that wrong. GoukaiSilver's power-up, "Gold Mode", has the helmets of all the previous "extra" Senshi on it's chest. Check the picture below.

As someone who thinks the need for "realism" in EVERY FREAKING THING EVER is misplaced, I have to respect Tokusatsu's willingness to eschew that and embrace the inherent insanity in the genre. …

Song of the Week: Jeremy Kay - Have it All

All jokes and trolling aside: I love this song.

Batman: Battle for the Cowl fanfilm

I saw this at Henshin Justice Unlimited something like a year or so ago, and forgot about it. But it popped back in my head after a friend of mine posted a fanvideo on FB.

It's a decent trailer, with the full fan video coming out hopefully in time for SDCC later this month.

Torchwood: Miracle Day

So, after nearly three years off the air, finally Torchwood returns. Ironically enough, to tell a story where "nobody dies". Except it's RTD behind this, so I'll believe that when I see it. Still, Children of Earth affords the man more than a little leeway.

Torchwood: Miracle Day, a ten-part mini-series, starts airing on July 8th on STARZ.

Green with Envy

No comments. Just finish the trailer. Trust me.

Green Lantern Trailer 4

This may very well be the first trailer I'm actually impressed by. I like how accurate they're keeping things to the comic book--though the current qualification for being a GL is being capable of overcoming fear, but that doesn't bug me too much since originally it *was* having no fear.

Parallax could've kept his original look if it had been me, but you can't have everything. Also? Sinestro Corps symbol at 2:26. Awesome.

Anime Flashback: Onmyou Tai Senki

So the anime world is largely boring right now, despite news of Rurouni Kenshin coming back to television and a Mahou Sensei Negima film coming out in only a couple months. The only really good things on at the moment are Dog Days and X-Men, so with my spare time I've decided to add a few more bodies to my Completed List. Of the targets I've picked thus far, Onmyou Tai Senki is the one I've gotten furthest in, and it's actually a pretty decent series.

To start, it's a kid's anime--in the vein of Digimon, Beyblades, and Pokemon--so it's not really about plot so much as just having fun. (I've got other stuff for plot, anyway. Hey, FMA: Brotherhood...)

It'd be easiest to say this series resembles Digimon, but even that doesn't quite capture it. The story follows Riku Tachibana and his partner, Kogenta no Byakko, a Shikigami summoned by Riku to help him fight other Tojinshu (people capable of forming contracts with Shikigami). As the story pro…

Song of the Day - Hey There Lonely Girl

This can double as Monday Hotness. These girls are beautiful. Apologies for missing that, by the way--twisted my ankle Sunday night and kinda lost track of things.

I'll be trying some different things with the site soon...hopefully.

Online Cipher. Dopeness.

Rebecca Black swag.

Monday Hotness

CG has once again inspired me, though not in a way most would expect. (Though probably still in a way he'd be proud of.)

Monday Hotness is a new feature I'm adding as I try to make JiH both article-focused and about me, simultaneously. (Basically, if this were on twitter, it'd be hashtag #cangetit)

This first feature of Monday Hotness centers around some of my favorite celeb crushes.

Keshia Knight Pulliam

Yo, all jokes aside...Rudy grew up nice.

Gabrielle Union

Huge crush on her ever since I was like, 16. We're both seven years older but she's STILL one of the most gorgeous women in Hollywood.

Emmanuelle Chriqui

Kevin Connolly is the luckiest guy on television.

Jessica Alba

'Nuff said.

Anyway, most of these won't be celeb-related...but I wanted to kick things off with some well-known beauties.

See you next Monday.

X-Men: First Class trailer

The official X-Men: First Class trailer. I'm personally ticked the original five aren't in the film, but it's whatever. Period films are usually interesting.

Thor Impressions

Just saw Thor last night. Obviously, JiH doesn't do reviews, but I did want to talk about the film a little bit and my impressions after having a few hours to separate from the initial emotions of "Woo! Movie!". I'm writing this with no intentions of spoiling for anyone, so don't be shy about reading this before you head to theaters.

Thor is a different type of movie than most superhero stories, and while you don't need to know why going in, it's definitely interesting to think about as you're watching. The fundamental difference between Thor and, really, almost every other "big" superhero in comics, and definitely every one of them in movies, is that he reverses the typical origin formula. What I mean is, while most superheroes start off with the mundane/everyday and build up to the fantastic, Thor begins with the fantastic and they eventually balance things out with the mundane. After all, Thor is the god of thunder, son of Odin who is…

You can't make it through without saying it once...

Because dopeness can include fashion...

All those T-Shirt sites can suck it. Greatest T-Shirt ever created by a webcomic artist. Thank you QC, Jeph Jacques, and thank you Dale for wearing this awesome, awesome T-Shirt.

C-H-I-L-D is the ish, man

The IAMDONALD tour. Seattle, Washington. Dude kills it. I've never actually been inspired by a guy before, but Donald Glover actually inspires me to want to work harder and be better at everything I do.

Courtesy of ChildishGambinoLyrics.

Webcomics: JiH-Approved

It's important to realize that your assumptions can be wrong; otherwise, you might miss something amazing.

That's general life advice, but it also applies to my relationship with webcomics. For a long time, I didn't really care for them. It was a natural predisposition against a medium that seemed to eschew superheros from it's hallowed ranks; a perceived defense against the possibly pretentious. It's not that I believed internet comics were completely devoid of good work or talented's just that I didn't care about anything I felt might come from them.

Still, as I said it's important to accept when an opinion might be inaccurate, and a little screwing around on TVTropes pulled me into the world of webcomics. And since it's Jumping in Headfirst's job to direct people towards awesome stuff, I felt it was my personal duty to point my loyal readers towards my finds.

Questionable Content

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