The Pull List: Amazing Spider-Man

I've always looked at Spider-Man as a character who's just there. His cartoons are usually great, but aside from that I never think about the guy.

This isn't a big deal, as I feel that way about most comic book characters. They're only interesting if a writer I feel is talented begins working on them.

So when Mark Waid, one of my favorite writers of all-time, joined the Spider-Man "Brain Trust" that wrote for Amazing Spider-Man during the two year period during which it was released three times every month, I *had* to give the comic book a shot.

As it turned out to be even better than I thought, I continued to follow the series even through the shifting writer/artist teams for every arc, and the quality remained consistent.

The "three times monthly" release schedule ended a couple months ago (downgrading to only twice monthly, but with an increased page count), but the title has been handed over to Dan Slott, one of the most consistent writers from that period, so it's still in great hands. The writer appears to have great plans for the character, giving him new costumes (like the above), new powers, a new job in which Peter Parker can put to use his genius intellect, and introducing brand-new villains. Given how recent this change (dubbed the "Big Time" era by writer Dan slott) is, it's an excellent time to jump back on the book, and in my case a great time to catch up.

Jump-On Issue: Amazing Spider-Man #648


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