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The New Young Justice

My disdain for how things have gone down for this Young Justice cartoon has been pretty well-documented, but I've moved on because the show is happening whether I want it to or not, and Greg Weisman has a track record of making good cartoons.

I love the fact that this has brought back interest in Young Justice, plus they're having a comic book that's in continuity with the cartoon.

Anyways. There was a thirty second trailer I intended to post last night, but decided to postpone till this morning. This turned out to be a good idea, as they've released an extended trailer with basically part of the episode now. Have a look. It's pretty much the already leaked trailer from before but dialogue's been added and the quality's better.

Still makes me want a new Justice League cartoon though--16 members, just like this one.

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Also I'll toss in the trailer of the G.I. Joe cartoon airing the same date as the Young Justice premiere, Nove…

The Year of the Green Lantern

So DC and Warner Bros. hope. DC has expanded to three monthly ongoings for the Green Lanterns, with a fourth on the way based on a different Corps, AND a mini-event scheduled for next year.

DC Entertainment has backed this up with Green Lantern: The Animated Series (scheduled for late 2011), and a Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters video game.

Warner Bros., however, has a LOT more riding on it all, what with their tentpole HP ending this year, and Batman being over in two years, it's necessary for them to find a new blockbuster franchise...and currently, they appear to be betting on my favorite superhero, Green Lantern, to be that franchise.

In my opinion though, things haven't exactly looked great. From that Entertainment Weekly cover shot of Ryan Reynolds in the Green Bacon suit that looked more fit for Dr. Seuss books, to the shot of a fairly ridiculous actual Lantern, to the slightly low budget clip from Entertainment Tonight, I've had my doubts. Everyone said wait…

Kirby Krackle

I'm a music lover. I confess. It's in the very fiber of my being. When I hear a good song, I lose myself in it like book lovers do stories. I find myself only able to hear that song, so if you see with my earphones in I'm probably not even able to notice you exist at that point.

I'm ALSO a comic book lover, video game lover, and just an all-around fan of most things geek. So naturally, Kirby Krackle is like freaking crack to me.

Kirby Krackle is, as mentioned on their website, a Nerd Rock band from Seattle, Washington. What makes them different from most nerd rock bands though, is their focus on comic books. With both songs about what it's like to be a comic fan (Another New Crisis), and the lives of superheroes, Kirby Krackle is currently my favorite English-speaking band.

But their website can do a better job of giving a biography. This entry is just to give you awesome music:

A song about the life of The Thing (Ben Grimm) of the Fantastic Four.

I usually wri…