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Anime Weeklies: Week Three Summer 2017

Week four coming up either this weekend or Monday.

NX Thoughts

It’s mid-morning and the first thing I woke up to was this Nintendo NX “leak” that I wanted to get into for just a bit.  Now, this is all presuming the information is true, which I guess should be re-capped first:
The Nintendo NX is supposedly going to be a hybrid portable system that can be taken with you anywhere yet can be plugged into a television and used as a more traditional console system.  There’s some mention of how the controller works as a thing that’s detachable from the system but honestly I can’t envision it in my head so I sure as hell can’t explain it, which is why I linked to the original Eurogamer article in case you wanted the more in-depth information.  In any case, the rumor is that it’ll either be using the Tegra X1 chip (which will make it a sight more powerful than the Wii U but not a huge leap) or that they’re waiting on a version of the X2 which would potentially put it on par with the current XB1 model.   It’ll revert back to using cartridges because lol Nin…

Anime Weeklies Summer Week Two

I'm still getting the hang of doing what I do with comics for anime, but I'm getting closer.  Instead of focusing on *everything* I'm watching and basically getting nothing done, I'm instead going to look at a max of seven series per season.   Currently two of those slots are being occupied by Dragon Ball Super and Macross Delta, so that means five series a week.

For this season, that means: 91 Days,Arslan Senki: Fuujin Ranbu, Active Raid S2, Alderamin of the Sky, and Tales of Zestiria the X.   This might be subject to change as I'm still not attached to some of these series enough to see them through to the end, but for now that's what I'm going for.  Week 3 and 4 will hopefully be up later this week, along with Bottom of the Pile for last week as well as this week, and then Macross Delta Spotlights will make a resurfacing...sooner or later.  I've got nine episodes stacked on my head and it'll be ten before I can catch all the way up.   But once yo…

Bottom of the Pile 07/13/2016: "Still not sold on you, Pig."

This week: Hal Jordan and Nightwing experience a Rebirth, Earth 2 goes from the frying another frying pan (things are never good there), and Sunspot of the New Avengers proves to be dangerously genre-savvy.  All that plus...*sigh*...Civil War II.

Anime Weeklies: Summer 2016 Part 1

Basically I'm just going to keep at this until I figure out a solution as workable as Bottom of the Pile.  (Which b.t.dubs is on the way tomorrow!)   I'm starting fresh this season so this is technically "last week's" column, and if I don't fuck up Week 2 will be up on Saturday.

Bottom of the Pile July 6th, 2016: "It's not impossible, kid. It's Batman."

Apologies for the lateness.

Bottom of the Pile: June 22nd & June 29th, 2016

A double-feature to catch us up before this Wednesday drowns us in a fresh month's books.