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Thanks Internet (For Not Sucking) 2: Cosplay Version

Cosplay: The bane of every cynical geek's existence, the endless entertainment for EVERY fan who "isn't that serious about it", and one of the primary sources of mocking for outsiders. (That, and the whole "complete lack of social skills" thing.)

In my case, cosplay's just a thing that other people enjoy doing. It's amusing to me to watch--I'm only ever annoyed when it sucks.

So yes, if your costume is made of cardboard, or you made it yourself but you've NEVER sewed ANYTHING a day in your life...I probably dislike your costume. Easiest way to tell? If I think you made a good costume, I will tell you. "Great costume." If I don't say that...your outfit probably fails in some way.

I'm getting sidetracked. (As I tend to do.) We've all seen the terrible cosplay outfits. The fat dudes crossplaying, that one idiot in the cardboard box who wrote "Gundam" in capital letters at the top of the box as if some form …

Sonic Colors: I feel the need...

The need...for SPEED!

Come on. How awesome is that trailer? Having recently played Sonic 4, which doesn't feel fast at all, I'm glad to see Sega hasn't lost it. They just have to ignore Capcom's whole "give the fans what they want" crap, ignore that one guy on every project saying, "Hey, let's do this! That'd be different, and thus AWESOME", and decent Sonic games can still be made.

Jumping in Headfirst Podcast 3: I threw that before I came in the room!

You thought JiH wasn't gonna come see you? Think again.

We're back with another podcast. This time Bobby Drake aka "Da Iceman" gave me the links to the podcast, so I'll be trying to do this somewhat regularly.

Unfortunately, no "new" episodes can be made until December (after Winter break), but we've got a few stored up, and that should be enough to last until we're able to get everyone back together.

Anyway, rather than stretch it out, I'll go ahead and post our "third episode" (ninth in production):

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My boy Iceman basically wanted us to get our rants on this episode. Surprisingly (if you listened to the last episode), I just didn't have much of a rant in me. But both Iceman and Irrelevant did, so I let them cut loose. So cut about a thirty minute space of time free, sit back, and enjoy.

...Unless you're a Saints fan. In that case? Sorry 'bout that man. Tell us what you think in the comments.

New York ComicCon Day 2 Points of Interest

Marvel Video Games (Newsarama):

- Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions is getting DLC. Cosmic Spider-Man for all four universes. That's neat if it comes with more stories, but otherwise I want theotherthree Identity Crisis costumes.

- A Super Hero Squad game for the PS3 and 360 AND Wii? I love it. Excited already.

- More RPGs coming from them? MMOs...or real RPGs?

- Frank Tieri wrote the story for MvC3? Hmm...I'm not a fan, but I'm buying it anyway.

- The two new Marvel characters for MvC3 are MODOK and Magneto. Magneto was a given...MODOK confirms DLC for the game.

- I cannot muster excitement for the Captain America and Thor video games. I would like to, but...ugh. Movie tie-ins. Fraction wrote the last IM game and that couldn't even save it.

- X-Men: Destiny is the West's chance to impress me with so-called "superior storytelling". As you create your own character and can choose your own story, aspects of Western RPGs proponents continue to tout, this g…

New York Comic Con Day One Points of Interest

Ah, the New York Comic Con. Had I planned a tad better, I could've pulled off a trip, but I didn't realize Fall Break would line up with it so well. Perhaps next time. Anyway, I've got a bit (emphasize "bit") of free time, so I'm trying to get back into talking about points of interest somewhat reliably during conventions.

Here goes. Credit to CBR and Newsarama for all news.

X-Men Panel (CBR and Newsarama):

- A Jubilee and Wolverine mini-series? I want more Jubilee...but I don't want Wolverine. Still, I like Kathryn Immonen, she's a talented writer, and Phil Noto is immensely talented, so I'll give this a shot.

- The new X-Men arc will see them teaming up with Spider-Man. That appeals to me far more than the current arc, so I will be reading the new X-Men ongoing come January.

- Speaking of January, apparently they're back to events with 2011. Personal feelings? Bring back all the mutants. Stop dancing around the issue and do it. It'…

DC Entertainment Lives Up To It's Name?

After last month's news, DC Entertainment comes one step closer to realizing the potential of the huge library of DC Comics characters. For those who haven't heard, DC Entertainment has moved it's main offices to LA. I'm hoping this expedites the process of getting DC superheroes into other mediums. To be specific: I Want More Cartoons. The actual plans for what they intend to do with these characters won't be revealed until later this year, but for now, I thought I might get into what I want to see. I sort of did that with my I Can Has Captain Marvel Cartoon? series, but I found myself just picking out whatever was a big story for the character, saying: "You should adapt this!", and calling it an article.

That's a bit ridiculous, even for this site. Knowing that, we'll be doing something a little different this time.

By now, everyone is aware of the new Young Justice cartoon DC has debuting about two months from now. What you may not know, i…

Thanks, Internet (For Not Sucking)

Yet another new series of columns for JiH. Thanks, Internet (For Not Sucking) is a series of columns devoted to those precious times when the Internet does something awesome. A neat music video, a documentary series, fan made movies--anything I think deserves to get put on.

With that in mind, let's start with a classic trilogy of Internet videos.

I'm The Juggernaut Bitch


J3 Part One

J3 Part Two

J3 Part Three

I confess, these aren't the most high-brow videos I could have started with, but they're some of my favorite internet parodies of all time. Created by the guys over at myWay Productions, they have that special mix of randomness and stupidity that keeps me in stitches.

I didn't include J2 because I couldn't find Part One, but their website has all three up for download. Check it out there. (Also because J2 Part Two is kinda boring.)

Sage's Chosen Games Part Two

More trailers! More blurbs that you'll forget 30 seconds after you read them!

Kid Icarus: Uprising
System: Nintendo 3DS
Release: Unknown

Still another Nintendo game announced during E3. This time for Nintendo's soon-to-be released handheld system, the Nintendo 3DS, Kid Icarus seems to be a kick-butt action game that doesn't involve some annoying sob story that causes the main character to be a dick. Oh, and it's portable, which means I can actually play it instead of sticking it on a shelf to collect dust. *gazes at Final Fantasy XIII, sighs* The world looks fun enough, with a mix of flying and land levels, a wide variety of enemies to battle and a nice visual style. I just hope they take their time with it and get it right, even if Nintendo is missing a AAA launch game.

Heroes on the Move
System: Playstation 3
Release: Spring 2011

See, these are the sort of games we should be making. Does it make sense to have Sly Cooper, Jak, and Ratchet, in the same game? Nope. Doe…

Sage's Chosen Games Part One

Lately, I've felt like not many games coming out have been worth even a first look, but coming out of E3 (and TGS, now), I see that people have taken notice of this problem, and no small effort has gone toward fixing it. In fact, there's so many great games that have either recently come out or are coming out over the next year or so, that I kind of need a list to keep track of them.

With that in mind, I present to you Sage's Chosen Games.

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World
System: PS3, Xbox 360
Release: August 10, 2010

Screw Warcraft, THIS is addicting. I already mentioned my love for the Scott Pilgrim movie, but the game is fantastic as well. There's something captivating about it's SNES-style graphics, the old-school RPG elements, and it's wacky plot that had me playing this game non-stop the week before I had to go to school. Even though I beat it, if I turned it on right now, I'd basically have to kiss goodbye about three hours because I love running through …

Fall Anime 2010 Picks

So it's that time of year again: Fall. Finally. For one, I'm REALLY tired of being hot all the freaking time. Being covered in sweat does not generally inspire one to do their best, academically. (On the other hand, I work rather well when I'm just slightly cold. I may be part penguin.)

Anyways, we're only a few weeks away from a new anime season. So here's that famous chart that tells us what shows we'll be worshipping, mocking, and being indifferent to for the next three months:

For my picks....

Iron Man:

What Is It: Marvel and Madhouse have teamed up to bring four of Marvel's biggest heroes to a Japanese audience.

Why I'm Interested: There's an overly long post on this blog somewhere detailing my dislike of the other two Iron Man cartoons, and I wrote it because Iron Man's my favorite Marvel superhero ever--my second favorite superhero period. An Iron Man anime is my fanboy dream. I'd prefer a more direct adaptation--my favorite supe…