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The Shuffle - Michael Jackson - Love Never Felt So Good

When I first heard they were trying to turn MJ into the next Tupac with all this posthumous album nonsense, I was pretty firmly against it.  But I can't lie...XSCAPE has some jams, like this throwback joint JT and Timbaland brought to life, the lead single of the album "Love Never Felt So Good".

Battle Rap Wednesdays: Ill Will vs. Sno

So....this one was a little racist. 

Bottom of the Pile - May 21st, 2014

All-New X-Factor Danger's right!  Don't do it, little black girl!  You'll have some life-ending injury happen to you within a year!  Run!  RUN!!!!!!!

Battle Rap Wednesday - Bender vs. Big T

This is pretty much the epitome of a style clash, only in a good way.  Big T isn't exactly the most believable street cat, but when you think "URL" you probably think of him at some point.  And at the same time, Bender is about as KOTD as it gets while being talented and not being crossover like Pat Stay (and possibly Charron).   So it's hood bars vs. multi schemes in a showdown that came out of literally nowhere.   And yet surprisingly, it's a pretty good match-up.

Bottom of the Pile - May 14th, 2014

This is disgustingly late, but here goes.

All-New Ultimates I'd like to say this sets a record, what with this being the second issue and all, but I'm quite positive someone joined and quit in the same issue so that's not even true.  That said, it would be a record if she rejoined in #3.

(Also.  "Stay pretty, chumps?"  What does that even mean?)

The Shuffle - Usher: Good Kisser

The gorgeous woman with the exotic freckles is Felicia Porter, model, Star Wars and Marvel Comics geek, and the first woman I've ever wanted to propose to like five seconds after finding out her name.  

Oh, and also Usher did a song about getting some brain or something.

The Shuffle: PARKER - Shatto Park

PARKER a.k.a. DFD a.k.a. Old Boy Jon a.k.a. Jonathan Park is back, with that signature wavy-flow for a one-take freeverse that sounds genius.

CW's The Flash Trailer

"My name is Barry Allen.  And I'm the Fastest Man Alive."

Battle Rap Wednesdays - Danny Myers vs. KG the Poet

The bar god returns.   Seriously, Danny Myers is my favorite dude to watch in battle rap right now.  There are others who've had better battles.  There are others who may be better at rapping.  But Danny has the one thing I find a necessity in any artist: consistency.    You wanna call Hollow the best?  Cool.  He's had two battles in two years.   Verb?  When Verb is focused, everybody dies.   But more often than not, he's not focused.   And Lux?   Don't get me started.  

But Danny out here having classics with 90% of his opponents.  Case in point:

And here's the trailer for NBC's Constantine...

The trailer for NBC's Constantine came out earlier today.  Based on the comic "Hellblazer" from DC Comics' Vertigo imprint, Constantine follows chronic asshole, master manipulator and magician John Constantine in his quest to save his own soul.

Bottom of the Pile - May 7th, 2014

Finally all caught up.  Let's go!

Bottom of the Pile - April 30th, 2014

Two down, one to go.

Bottom of the Pile - April 23, 2014

Goodness, this is late.   My apologies.

The Shuffle - Big KRIT: Mt. Olympus

....Fuck.   That's, really all I can think of every time I finish listening to this song.

The Shuffle - Crystal Kay: Busy Doing Nothing

Since this is like, almost three months late I'm obviously not trying to be topical with this.  I just wanted to talk about it since I'm a CK fan going back to like, 2004.

The Shuffle - Hoodie Allen - Show Me What You're Made Of

This year has been boring musically.   Fortunately NY rapper Hoodie Allen is here to give that a slight shake-up.

I, Will Eventually Be The Night

I'm back, motherfuckers!  Now let's talk about Gotham.

The Shuffle - Strange Talk - Climbing Walls

It should be the duty of every open-world video game title to provide you with dope tunes.  That being the case, "Sleeping Dogs" passes the test with flying colors with this catchy synthpop song.