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WHO DO YOU TRUST???? (Answer: DC's Writers.)

If the exceedingly lengthy posts I did in prior months didn't tip you off to this, I'm a gigantic fan of comic books. And yet, aside from those two and a really crappy impression of a really excellent comic (Sinestro Corps War...and give me a break...I'm trying to develop a way to showcase shit I like without "reviewing" it), I've mostly just stuck to anime on this thing. I'm not sure why, I guess its because everyone I'm friends with is into anime (that's by design), but few people I know are into comic books.

Still, the whole reason this exists is to show all sides of me instead of "filtering" it depending on the friend I'm talking to at the moment. And thus, for just a short bit, I'm going to focus on a comic book story that I'm hyped about for 2008.

Truth to tell, for me its an excellent time to be a comic book fan. All my favorite writers are working on my favorite characters, and mostly, none of them have any intent…

Spring Season Anime Picks

Yay! Its Spring! Wait...Spring kinda sucks. Yeah, everything's turning green, but I live in the South so shit's about to get incredibly warm and humid...soon to turn hot and humid. Which means sleepless nights, sweat-soaked clothes, and days where I feel like I'm about to pass out from the heat 'cause I don't use the AC in an attempt to "conserve energy". (Read: Save Money.) But the positive is that with the Spring comes many (hopefully) cool new anime to watch! Except I'm on dial-up so I have to limit myself to a scant few series...fuck. Why was I excited about Spring again? Ah are my picks for the Spring season.

Yes, the summaries are jacked, and I would link you to the place I got them from, but the original preview thing was taken down and commentaries were put in their place. ...That's what you come here for, so why would I send you somewhere else?

Amatsuki- Date: April 5th

Summary: Tokidoki is just a…