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C2E2 - Day Three

Here is the beginning of my post.

This is so late its ridiculous. But wrapping up my first semester at college took precedence.

I want to mention the Mighty Crusaders ongoing featuring the Red Circle superheroes first. I was following The Web and The Shield back when they were initially announced, and I'm saddened that I never got back to reading those books monthly before they were canceled.

Still, the new DC (Entertainment) has found a place for these characters in one team book, likely the best place for them. There's a number of fans that will come to the book: Those who want more Red Circle stuff, fans of Eric Trautmann (me!), those who want to see more of The Shield and The Web, and Brandon Jerwa's fans.

Also, creating The Mighty Crusaders to be America's "government team"? Solid plan. Normally I avoid American "government" teams because I don't need to get hit over the head with conservative rhetoric about how patriotic heroes can be, no…

C2E2 - Day Two

Okay, this is Day Two of the coverage and I'm a little late, but the last of my schoolwork is bearing down on me. I shouldn't even be doing this post, but making that 150 posts means I have to work a little harder than I might want. Ah well, its just me yakking about stuff I love. What's the problem, right?

- Christos Gage doing Spider-Man/Fantastic Four? With Mario Alberti on art. That's great and all, but I'd rather have Dan Slott. Gage did a great job on the last book, but why take a chance when you've already got someone who's done a great job?

Women of Marvel Panel:

- Okay, what's with this lately? What women's group got in the Big Two's ass so badly that they've been basically throwing out female comics and characters and anthologies left and right? I'm lost.

- There's something to Ms (Mrs.) Schaffer's point that "strong" female characters have often suffered some terrible trauma...but its not gender-neutral. …

C2E2 - Day One

So, its C2E2, and DC and Marvel both have a presence there. Since there'll be quite a few announcements there, I'll be making comments here and there on what I feel are the most interesting parts. With that in mind, I'm cutting my intro short since I waste far too much time on them.

Just to get it out of the way...comics on Tuesdays? Ehhh, sure. Its still a week between them though, so what's the difference?

- Steve Rogers: Super-Soldier? I would have preferred co-existing Captain America, but that's just me. I'll be reading this, as Ed Brubaker's a good writer, but...suspect. Marvels Project (what I've read of it) did not turn out to be the "Marvels Two" I was looking for. (Marvels 2 wasn't exactly the Marvels 2 I was looking for. >_<) Love his Captain America though, so perhaps this book will be great.

- Time Masters: Vanishing Point. ...Seriously? Excellent work! People have been asking from day one, "...Uhhh....Boo…

Another Century's Episode R

Known for its super-deformed artstyle, punishing T-RPG gameplay, and a large variety of mecha anime universes all smashing together as one so not only can you have different mecha fight other mecha, but have that Amuro vs. Kira scene you've been writing fanfics about, Super Robot Wars is one of the most popular mecha games of all time.

The one thing I've always wanted, though? Is a new game in the vein of SRW, but that takes advantage of the graphical abilities of a current-gen system with an engine that's more action-oriented. (Basically, an action mecha game combining different mech series.)

Can you imagine my surprise when I learned this game already existed? And had twosequels!

Unfortunately, the last episode was announced as a final installment. Upon learning this my heart sank and I thought I would never see Another Century's Episode on my PS3. But apparently "Final" meant nothing, givbunchen information released earlier this week.

It announces Another…

Transformers: War for Cybertron

Y'know what, fuck these cute intros. ITS A TRANSFORMERS GAME!!!! One that doesn't look like shit from clip one! FINALLY! I'm in disbelief.

I can't remember when I first heard of this game, but from the first explanation of what the game was supposed to be, it was impossible to avoid being hyped.

With Transformers: Animated the premiere cartoon and the Michael Bay movies still freshly in theatres, and even the proper G1 TF comic book nixed and replaced with a pale would-be reflection of what it once was, I expected absolutely nothing from the gaming arena that wouldn't be based in anything I was interested in.

Then along comes this game, a multiplatform third person action game set in the distant past on Cybertron. No humans, no stupid transformers that look completely retarded--just Autobots versus fucking Decepticons. Blowing each other the fuck up in a massive civil war, just like people wanted IN THE FIRST PLACE.

Oh. And Peter Cullen as Optimus. Autobots? Ro…

Spider-Man in a decent game? To think, the last good one was just eight years ago...

I don't really talk about things I don't like on this site. That said, I've made no secret of the fact that I'm not a fan of the new Batman game. I'm sure its a great game and you actually FEEL like Batman and all that, but...

I don't want to spend the entire game inside the most boring (to me) part of the Batman-universe. I want a Hero version of GTA, where I battle gangs and buy hide-outs and shiny shit with my bucketloads of money.

Barring a decent open-world game, at least provide me with more than one level. I'm big on superheroes, but one must have standards. This latest Spider-Man game, appears to meet said standards.

The game's subtitled, "Shattered Dimensions", and while the developers gave up the open world deal Spider-Man games have used since PS2's Spider-Man, Activision has embraced another idea which is native to comic books: alternate universes.

Someone give the developers a prize. I've never gone into this much, but I…

A New Digimon?! And no one told me???

I sort of missed Savers and it never quite grabbed me when it aired on XD. The last series I saw was Tamers, which had its great points but worked hard to "Grow the Beard". Digimon's not really the series to do that with, so Tamers ended up rather generic.

Digimon Adventure 02's best bits involved Digimon Adventure 01's characters, but it was still a decent series at the time.

After a season like this, a new Digimon series could shake things up a bit, at least in terms of kids' action shows.

Should it come out in 2010 it'll probably be for the Fall wave of shows. I'll be keeping up with this as more news trickles out.

Comics Hype Calendar 2010 January through April

Wow, I meant for this to be out sometime in March or so, but things did not go according to the plan. Ah well, screw it. You know what this is. Last year I noticed all the amazing projects coming out for 2009 and I went through them all, month by month. I very much wanted to do a part two, but the information came in dribs and drabs after that--never a flood large enough to coalesce into a Sage-length blog post.

But thanks to The Source's DCU in 2010 week in December and a few other announcements that were made along with solicitations up to June...the Comics Calendar is back! I'm a few months late, so I'll do a quick over view of January through March before getting on to what's next for the year. Ready? Here we go.


Siege - The big "change everything" event from Marvel Comics in 2009. Brian Bendis has made a point of saying this is a major turning point, and has structured it in such a way that it cuts right to the point, and the entire comic bo…

Spring Anime Picks 2010

Just two years ago, my Spring choices were near 20--which was around half of what was being offered. Not bad, I thought. This year? *sighs*

First off, let's have a look at the chart:


What It's About: Heroman is the story of a kid named Joey who lives on the west coast of the United States. He unearths a toy robot and discovers it has the ability to become "Hero Man", a giant robot he pilots to fight against aliens and other threats.

Why I'm Interested: I'm not sure I am, but I intend to give the first episode a try. We've been lacking in giant robot stories lately, though so I figured why not. Also, its created by Stan Lee, if that means anything to anyone else. But if its a lot like Eureka 7...I'm Ghost Like Swayze.

Shin Koihime Musou: ~ Otome Tairan ~

What It's About: The third season of the loli/bishoujo version of Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Shin Koihime Musou continues our story of following Kannu-tachi on their quest to...I don…

Just One More Minute...

I intended to write several additions for JiH this past week, but as you can clearly see, that didn't happen.

After Spring Break, I had a particularly difficult week ahead of me in my classes, and I knew this. My usual assignments, as well as several new ones were due. Knowing this, the last goal for Spring Break was clear:

A good night's sleep to be ready for the grueling week ahead.

I just knew I would go to bed at 12, just after I got through this one chapter in Final Fantasy XIII. Square's latest opus, which I bought the week BEFORE Spring Break and saved until I had free time for it, unfortunately got off to a rather slow start, and it wasn't until Friday that I finally got far enough in it for the game to grow especially interesting to me.

Saturday's always a "busy" night (busy meaning I'm sleep until I have to go out, and by the time I get back there's only a few hours before I need to sleep again), and I spent most of Sunday working at my …