Duel of the Music Queens Match 3: IMPACT EXCITER'S Silent Bible vs. i-magination's Pure DIAMOND.

Match 3: IMPACT EXCITER'S Silent Bible vs. i-magination's Pure DIAMOND.

Silent Bible: ...Can we just, go ahead and make this the next Nanoha opening? While the title annoys me, the song itself is absolutely beautiful. There's a bit of "Starting Over" to this song, with the cacophony of different sounds all mixed together--strings, guitar, drums, piano. The song has a mystical feel to it, and Mizuki-san displays her vocal range and ability to switch up her pacing well.

Seriously. This has got to be the next Nanoha opening. Not Vivid, but for Force maybe?

Pure DIAMOND: Just as a starting point--love the title. Pretty intro--piano leading into a heavy guitar, then back to a piano as Okui-sama begins singing. I confess, at times like this, I do wish I understood Japanese, as I'm curious as to what she's singing about--the emotion in her voice during the verses is solemn and during the chorus it's almost pained, and definitely chilling.

This song is vaguely reminiscent of Two-Mix's White Reflection, for some reason. Anyway, I love how it effortlessly switches between different kinds of guitars for this during the solo. It's like...acoustic, I think (I'm not familiar with instrument names, sadly), then electric, then back to normal as the song prepares itself for Okui-sama to sing again. I confess, I'd like the computer-y effects were it not for last year's Auto Tune craze.


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