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Having finished my last week of school, I'm heading into finals. Though most people are panicking, I'm fairly stress free. My first final is an Intro class, and while my second is Physics, the third is Japanese, which I'm fairly good in. ( でも、この じゅぎょうわ、とてもむずかしいです。。。) Calculus is last, which basically means I packed this semester full of courses that most people would rather quit college before taking all at once, if at all.

...Of course, the pressure is taken off somewhat (hah) when you're failing half of these.

I could blame this on a lot of things. I could blame it on the fact that friends always want to hang out. In high school I had three friends that I would actually count as friends. Everyone else was an acquaintance who I spent only the time I would see them in class with. In college I'm meeting or being introduced to new people constantly, and I've easily made twice as many friends in two semesters than I did the entire time I was in high school. …

Tooning Up

Replacing the Music Video of the Week deal with something different, for now. As an anime fan and a music fan, I can't help noticing when a series has particularly attractive opening and ending themes. Obviously this doesn't apply to something like your typical 13-26 episode series, which will cycle through, at max, two opening and endings; rather, I mean series that run a minimum of 52 episodes, and continuously maintain a superb music quality during the sequences that bring us in and take us out of the episodes.

I'll be doing one of these a week, but with multiple songs. Note: they have to have consecutive successes, not merely succeed because the series is ~300 episodes long and simply accrued nine or ten decent OP/ED themes out of, say, thirty. That won't work. (However, a series of successes and one failure is acceptable as well.)

Anyways, for the first one of these, I'll be going with Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, the secondary adaptation of Hiromu …