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Games to Watch Out For Part 3: 2016

With 2015 out of the way, its easy to believe that the future is pretty dark, right?  We haven't heard many announcements for what's coming up next, so that's a reasonable assumption.  However, there are still some inferences we can make concerning 2016, so follow me as I introduce you to some of the games we'll probably see in the third year of the PS4/XB1 consoles.

Games to Watch Out For Part 2: More of 2015

At the end of 2013, so many of us were convinced that 2014 would be one of the greatest years in gaming ever.  We expected (but never got): Witcher 3, Final Fantasy XV (the crazies did at least), The Division, The Order, Xenoblade Chronicles X, and Batman: Arkham Knight.  As those games were delayed, we put our hopes in titles like Destiny--which fell far short of the goal we wanted from them.

But as we push forward into 2015, we've already had a fairly good year, with titles like Kirby and the Rainbow Curse, Majora's Mask, and now Bloodborne--and we've got a fairly great year to come as I discussed yesterday.  But surprisingly, I didn't actually get a chance to finish all of the great games coming out in 2015 yesterday, so let's give it another go!

Games to Watch Out For This Generation Part 1: 2015

Eighteen months into the new generation of consoles, and I've seen more negativity amongst fans than I have in a long time.   Announcements of new retail games have slowed to a crawl (fun fact: the only one so far has been Rock Band 4), while it seems like every week a new remaster is announced.   (Last week?  God of War 3.   This week?  There's a rumor about Batman: Arkham Asylum and Arkham City.)   It's lead to a lot of people either doubting the purchase of their shiny new PS4/XB1s, or even feeling justified for not bothering to invest in new consoles to begin with.

But is it really that bad, or are we overlooking a wealth of titles just over the horizon?   This week, I'll be talking about a list of games I'm personally looking out for.   I want to stress the part about "me", because there's going to be some obscure titles here.   So what I'd like you to focus on the most, is that if I'm leaving out a title you're excited about?   Reali…

Bottom of the Pile: March 18, 2015

Its a new era in superhero comics.  I think that much is undeniable, at this point.  And I guess it'd be disingenuous of me if I ran a comics blog and didn't at least try to talk about it.So, let's give that a shot!
It seems like Batgirl just can't stay out of the headlines.  Right now it's the cover thing, but it seems like only yesterday we were dealing with the outrage of Barbara Gordon walking again.  The latest issue of Batgirl deals with a little of that, as Barbara confronts the first major villain of her arc--an algorithm she wrote based off her own brainwaves that gained sentience, and is in fact convinced she's her....only, a version of her that never escaped the chair.  
This entire run so far has been about Batgirl either leaving behind or overcoming the things that have defined her over the past twenty years or so.  First, the book made a conscious effort to shift in tone from the grittier Gail Simone run to the brighter, more hopeful comic…

Bottom of the Pile: Mar. 11th, 2015

Right in time for the second half of school.

All-New X-Men An interesting thing to note here is that Professor Xavier did most likely keep her psychic powers dampened.  He was always more of a "ease you into it" sort of guy, while Emma has always been more of a "toss you into the deep end, see if you swim" sort of woman.   Is one better or worse?  Well, Xavier's students do die a lot...but then, there also used to be five Cuckoos. 

Bottom of the Pile - Mar. 3rd, 2015

Aquaman and the Others I love how stereotypical action movie Prisoner of War is here, until he remembers who he's fighting with.   "Ha! I bet that nuke just detonates in the ocean, loser!  Nobody lives there!"   And Mera's like, "Hey, asshole?  You realize we have multiple kingdoms down there right?"   

Sage's Stray Thoughts 15: Free-for-all

This, is just something I needed to get out.  Peruse at your own peril.  Think of this as my way of addressing the states of all the various fandoms I'm involved in. 

Bottom of the Pile: Feb. 25th, 2015

Ugh, I'm two weeks late with this but mid-terms were a mess.   Hopefully by Tuesday I'll have last week's up, and this coming week's before Friday's over.  Anyway.

Amazing Spider-Man
....Are...are you kidding me?   This whole time you were wreaking untold amounts of havoc on the multiverse, and you could've just as easily been satisfied by a freaking BLT, and not threatened anyone at all?  (Well, except Spider-Ham.)   Wow.  You guys are the ultimate bunch of jerks.